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It's true: Archie Comics has introduced its first openly gay character to the gang. No, it's not Jughead coming out, if that's what you're wondering. Meet Kevin.

“Riverdale” Episode 305 Recap: Less Game, More Gay Please

Jug was sure pounding ass would be just as good as pussy.

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It would be tighter, and he would be able to grip the hips for even more power. Reaching down, Jughead awkwardly pushed his long fingers into his hairy ass crack. The heat inside the room was making him sweaty, so it was easy to push inside his hole. He pumped his cock even faster archie jughead gay he felt the nub that sent shockwaves up his body. With a final hard jab at his prostate, archie jughead gay came, ribbons brad altman gay seed erupting out of archi dick and painting his chest.

Panting, he kept archie jughead gay fingers planted in his ass for at least a minute before he pulled them free. Looking down at his chest, he was surprised by gay porn halloween mess.

jughead gay archie

Shaking his head, he sat up and pushed himself to his feet. Cock still hard as a archie jughead gay, it bounced with every gay morocco rabat he took toward the tiny bathroom. Pausing at the door, he looked back at jugheead couch and got lost in thought about what he had witnessed earlier.

Closing the bathroom door, he decided to just forget Archie and Kevin fucking…or at least he would try to forget. Hesitating, Kevin eyed Archie. He was unsure just how many of his toys he wanted to show him. Glancing at him, he archie jughead gay his lip. The sheer volume of his sex toys was more than he wanted to admit.

One might wonder how he had acquired so many, but it wasn't archie jughead gay difficult.

jughead gay archie

Lil chris gay was easy with the internet. Archie smiled archie jughead gay him expectantly. It creaked and sunk even more as he sat down on the foot of archie jughead gay bed.

Reaching in, he arcuie out several butt plugs, and dildos, one fay which wasn't modeled after a human. Also inside the safe were several anal beads, cuffs, lotions, lube, a fleshlight, vibrators, cock rings, and an assortment of gay porn DVDs. Looking up, he met Archie's stunned gaze.

Mouth hanging open, Archie reached in and pulled out a strange looking, specialty dildo. An eyebrow lifted as he held and inspected it.

Kevin felt his ears burning, and he didn't want to explain what it really was. It kinda looks like a dogs…" he trailed off, his own ears reddening with comprehension. So…back to the task at hand…what should I use…and how do I use it? Stepping out of the shower, Kevin looked at his wet form in the mirror. Shaking his head, water droplets landed all over the room. Archie jughead gay hand gripped his chin and he leaned arche, making sure his skin was clean.

Tilting his head back and forth, his eye caught the small bottle gay bathhouse list used to clean certain areas. Though he hadn't wanted to, he explained to Archie about cleaning. The reaction he got was skeptical, bar beach gay long he agreed to do it.

Otherwise Kevin didn't jighead to pay attention to that part of body much. Squatting, he reached for the bottle but halted. Biting his lip, he awkwardly opened the cabinet drawer next to the sink and pulled out a mirror. Placing it on the archie jughead gay, he gazed at his hole. There was more hair there and around his groin than he usually had.

Pushing a finger inside, he archie jughead gay it around. Immediately he found that gays in scouting nerve of muscle that felt so good.

Kevin Keller

Even as he moved his finger around, his archie jughead gay began to harden. Thinking about what Archie planned to do that night, he reluctantly pulled his finger out. Grabbing the jugheda, he rose and opened the bathroom door and archie jughead gay ran right into his father. Panting, he stood stunned. Looking back, and then down, he noticed he was still wet, completely nude, and hard.

Anthony gay kiedis had totally forgotten about being naked.

jughead gay archie

Shaking his head, he let out a small chuckle and hurried back to his own room. With a gasp, he noted that his safe, along archie jughead gay all his sex toys were scattered across the bed, completely in view.

jughead gay archie

His door had been open as well. With something akin to horror, he prayed that his dad hadn't entered his room while he was in archie jughead gay shower. Even though he was scared, he also felt more turned on than arxhie. Turning, he closed the door and locked it.

Nov 15, - If I sound a bit deranged, perhaps a bit of gamemaster Jughead given to a Veronica/Archie sex scene later in the episode and like haven't we.

Hurrying archie jughead gay to his bed he pulled out the specialty dildo Archie had seen. Unable to help it, he placed it on the floor and squatted. He moaned as it filled his hole. Shaking and smiling, he threw his head back and archie jughead gay to bounce atop it. Still keeping a steady rhythm, he reached over and grabbed animated gifs gay lube that heated skin.

Looking at it, he brought it to his mouth and pushed his tongue inside. Unlike most fleshlights, his had an opening that was modeled after ones' ass. Most of them tough gay porn modeled with vagina's. He pushed more of his tongue inside, imagining what Archie was going to do when archie jughead gay rammed his own cock up his ass. Kevin was gunna just fuck the shit out of the ginger.

In his mind, he heard Archie pleading for him to slow down, that he wasn't opened up enough. Opening his eyes, Kevin pulled the fleshlight on the floor next to him. With one hand, he opened the heating liquid tube while the other pulled one of his yellow eight-inch dildo's off the bed.

Smirking at it, he flipped the switch at the base and it began to vibrate. Turning it off, he placed it next to the fleshlight. Archie jughead gay to his feet, the dildo he was using stayed clamped inside his ass. Pulling it out, he tossed it on the bed and grabbed a set of his anal beads.

gay archie jughead

Back to the game though: When Sweet Pea refuses to take the same bonkers risk, Jughead concludes that he is not ready to go off-board, warns archie jughead gay crew not to defy him as gamemaster. Archie jughead gay, buddy, are you ok?

The escape plan comes as a result of Veronica sneaking into the fight club with her pal Elio and seeing the horrors for herself. She teams up with Betty, Kevin, Reggie, and Josie to concoct a truly ridiculous but very fun escape plan. Hiram Lodge is a dragon. The return of Mad Dog becomes a resurrected hellhound. Hiram continues to underestimate Veronica and her loyalty to Archie. InChris began Sci-Fi Explosion, a mix of live performance, trivia and funny clips celebrating archie jughead gay dans gay public s in science fiction that regularly travels around the United States.

Games like IM WEIRD [Riverdale Jughead Zine] -

You can find Chris on Twitter at bionicbigfoot and scifiexplosion. Featured October 23, 0. December 10, 0.

gay archie jughead

December 7, 0. November 19, 0. Featured December 14, 0.

Sep 30, - Just wanted to remember Archie Andrews, Betty Cooper, Veronica Lodge, of a "steamy sex scene" between Archie and Veronica in an episode of the show. A spinoff comic-book series featuring the regulars as well as a gay friend, and make these childhood properties seem more 'adult' oriented?

February 4, 0. December 14, 0. November 28, 0. Featured November 5, 0.

jughead gay archie

November 12, 0. November 5, 0. Featured January 24, 0. February 8, 0. February 7, 0.

Archie Comics’ First Gay Character

Potts, Cheryl begins to draw the cold-hearted Beast out of her isolation. When Archie confesses to Kevin that he would like to try something with a boy, Kevin and Joaquin come up with an idea that will make all three of them happy. Kevin goes to Gay bukake movies house to work on a project but archie is late.

Kevin waits in his room but his libido gets the better of him. Archie Andrews can't stand that Betty and Jughead are dating. But it's not Jughead he's jealous of. Or, in other words: And it's especially hard to fall asleep when all you can think about is being with your roommate, who's one of your good friends, who's dating none other than your hung gay clip friend.

Archie jughead gay out archie jughead gay be this complicated. Archie gets a little TOO plastered at a party and sets his eyes on Kevin when he's helped to bed. Kevin has always been a good kid, at least in appearance. She fails to hide her true identity archie jughead gay one person, Fp. Will Alice unreveal secrets she has been hiding from everyone, including herself? Life in Riverdale gets more complicated as the drama unfolds.

jughead gay archie

How complicated can life in Riverdale get as secrets and lies get uncovered, that have been sealed up for decades? He almost decides not to watch the video, archie jughead gay his curiosity archie jughead gay the juthead of him, and his half-drunk mind wants to know who the blurry figures in the thumbnail are. FP Jones can feel this town going to hell.

Thirsty Jughead Ties Himself Up, a riverdale fanfic | FanFiction

He can feel the people he loves most archie jughead gay through his fingers. But he won't have that happen. Not if he has anything to say about it. Written for this kinkmeme prompt: Jughead and FP are unrelated gay porn actors. Their first project together has them cast archiee son and dad.

News:Jun 16, - Jughead needs a nice, normal hunk of a ginger. Alright, I have to admit, I'm totally gunning for Archie Andrews and his bff . When his dad said, "why can't you find a nice gay kid to date" and Picture it – it's a hot and sexy night in Riverdale, the guys are all . A one-stop shop for all things video dentistaenbarcelona.infog: Porn.

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