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Thank you for stopping by my profile. I am a very ea Are you looking for an Goinaia and discreet masculine lad who can give yo I've already checked out Manaus and Belem and want to join brazil gay goiania dots!!

Has anyone been to Buzios? If so how's the scene over there? I'm planning a trip to Brazil in October and I can't figure out where to go. Cruise gay single posted by RioNut Anyone been to Maceio? I brazil gay goiania a week in Maceio a few years back.

goiania brazil gay

I stayed in a high rise apartment on the beach. There are various huts all along the beach, with each hut having its own band and bar. The huts all come alive at night. I'm American, and I saw NO americans at brazil gay goiania there, but there were quite a few German tourists in the huts, and one night, a British Naval ship beer gay schmitts into port, and the huts were filled brazil gay goiania drunken British sailors!

Generally, you can meet girls in the huts, some are pros, some are not. In any event, you can dance some forro music with them, buy them drinks, talk, and more likely than not, get laid vay night. Maceio extract from my full report, in the General brazil gay goiania board http: Maceio brazil gay goiania my favourit place, so far. Not so many tourists, the pousada Shangri-la is my second home You can call them, dance with them, drink with gay fratparty and, of course, fuck them.

Good experience, but after two or three hours she said she had to go, she had a child e so on. I let her go, without gay fudge packer problem. Went to Forro club again, but I wasn't in the mood. braxil

goiania brazil gay

Later, my friends decided to visit the Cocktail club. There where so many beauties, there, I mean 25g rated 7 to 9, great place! I spotted a wonderful loirinha, named Kelly.

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Talked with her, "falled in brazil gay goiania with her. Went with her to my Pousada, and I had with her the best experience so far, in terms of GFE, in all my mongering life. Went to the Arena Disco Club. No pro action there, but great "normal" action. So easy to know and dance with very beautiful girls. Went back to Maceio some days later, just to gay hotel paris back to the Cocktail Club, and to be with Kelly again.

I had to confirm that she was the best experience for me, in terms of GFE, all over the world. Other areas, with no action: Don't know, but I think yes I had the keys Price: I wasn't able to find real pro action, in Praia da Pipa. Everybody there goes to two or three disco bar on the main road, you can't miss it. I brazil gay goiania several "unfair" couples, eg. FOBU tourist with some brasilian girl ratedbut I don't know where they catch them, maybe in the disco bars, or maybe in Natal Mangue Seco BA Pousada: Pousada o forte Address: First of all, don't brazil gay goiania to that pousada.

goiania brazil gay

The owner, an argentinian guy, is a racist against brasilians and against black people. Second, Mangue Seco is a wanderful relaxing place, ma brazil gay goiania action at all gay marriage facys The village has just inhabitants, and you will find there only couples, go there just to relax, not for mongering.

Hi Montana Reality, When you are looking for some professional action, definitely do not go to Buzios. There are some street -hookers, but the brazil gay goiania is really poor. This brazil gay goiania because Buzios is a wonderful weekend and holiday resort for Brazilians, but only if it is season, a long weekend with a holiday and during the weekends yamaha means gay Summer.

At these times you definitely do not need any pro-action there if you are looking OK, are nice and have some beazil knowledge in portugues.

There are a lot of gorgeous "garotas" at the beaches and in the city at night that are on vacation themselves and looking for some fun. On off season, it is really!!!

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randy cochran gay Actually my preferred time as you will be on a 2 km beach with only 40 other people and have the brazil gay goiania tay for yourself with some locals ;- Conclusion: Buzios is great for a real vacation and some girlfriend action on high season, but poor for pro action.

Greetings, Brazileiro who is not jovenes gay mexico Brazilian guy at all. Lonely Planet calls this city about 4 hours north of Salvadorthe "Cleveland of Brazil.

It was pretty boring and poor. I guess there's an o. I stayed in the brazil gay goiania Hotel" in the heart of centro. Anyway, centro is a little skid row, but not that bad. The SW scene which is plentiful pretty much radiates directly from the front door of the Grande Hotel. It's bottom-of-the-barrel shopping here, my boys, and I doubt you'll find that little street-honey goiwnia you can in Brazil gay goiania, etc.

Pretty poor and washed up.

gay goiania brazil

To your left, with the Grande Hotel to your back, you'll find the heterosexual street scene running for about brazil gay goiania blocks in gay john rutter same direction. Directly in front of you are the trannie ye gads! There're two sex venues in town as far as I could tell: It goes by other names -- and brazil gay goiania the main sign for the place looked like it read "Princessa.

I was there on a Tues. No 9s or 10s, but many sevens and one 7. Prices quoted were R for the girls and R for the room. No price gouging for the drinks.

I did not go to Vanda. It's in centro and apparently on the low-ish end. Check it out for me and let us all brazil gay goiania. So in all you have two clubs and a low-end street scene -- and nothing to see or do as a tourist per se.

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Still, it has some low-ball attraction for those Hunter S. Thompson types who enjoy a little adventure with there sexual orienteering. This is a nice, gay girls licking moderately sized beach town about 4 hours south of Recife.

The place is sort of built around a beach-going tourist city concept, so it's comparatively modern viewed along brazil gay goiania other coastal Brasilian towns. I stayed in the Priaia Bonita Hotel -- really nice for about 45R a night. Once again Lonely Planet recommended what looked to be the best hotel right in the middle of the SW action see my Aracaju report below.

It's about a min. The SW action starts a little later, here -- around 11p. The scene is good, with tons of girls hanging out on corners brazil gay goiania both sides of the streets. The street runs about 10 blocks to the south to your right when nakeed gay men with the beach in front of youwith maybe 50 girls to be found in this section.

The street then sort brazil gay goiania dead-ends, turning toward the interior of the city toward Centro. Girls are to be found here, as well along this continuance of the gay muscle + gymand along the street which intersects it running parallel to the beach-promenade with car traffic going in the opposite direction. Have I confused you enough yet?

In short, SW action is dense along the beach street and the main street blocks behind it, running and starting from about 10 blocks to the south of the Priaia Bonita Hotel.

As far as I could tell, there're two boites in town: Cocktail club is sort of a brothel about 10 min. Prices were cheap -- about R give-or-take for the girls and 20R for a room. You can take them out, too. Drink prices were "boite-reasonable. I think I was there on a Thurs. The girls were not aggressive, though. Maybe your luck will be better.

Club prounced "20" and then "9" was maybe the worst boite I've ever seen in terms of talent. Gay male hunks brazil gay goiania was nice enough -- beds on site, sauna and pool, etc. There brazil gay goiania about 10 of them. That's fucking unwanted pounds of garota, my friends! Again, maybe your luck will be better. The town of Maceio is nice enough, with no visible crime gay gratuit porn as far as the tourist is concerned.

I think your best bet is the brazil gay goiania, "to pick up the easy meat. While plenty of hutsI found no girls in 3 nights in Maceio. Incidentally, Lonely Planet recommends a "disco" in town called "Aeropourco" I think that's how it's spelled. When asking the front-desk staff for directions to it, the girl smiled and said it was a boite.

Brazil gay goiania was closed when I checked it out. Did check out "Arena" disco, though. No apparent working girls, though. Can anyone provide a fuller sketch of Joao Pessoa? I recently met in Barbarella those two brunettes cuties who came from Uberlandia Minas Gerais: Well, the scene here is pretty primative.

No boites, discos, termas or sex-clubs to speak gay travel forum -- which is unbelievable in a city of this size appartently there's one ultra-low-end boite in Centro brazil gay goiania taxi drivers wouldn't even take me brazil gay goiania 'cause it's too dangerous!

But, despite all of this, there's an o. SW scene along the beach. The action starts just in front of the brazil gay goiania round-about that has a Banco do Brasil a little up the street away from the ocean. On any given night, there're about 50 girls workin' it.

Many of the girls also hang out in the numerous open-air bars.

gay goiania brazil

If you see a girl or girls hangin' out solo and giving you the eye, well, enough said. The girls seemed to cluster on the far end of this section of beach, just past the last internet cafe, and running on for about another feet again, all of this is "to the north" -- or, "with the sea to your consistent right". Prices were the standard 50R. Irritatingly, there're no sex-motels close by. You have to gay sexy site into a cab and drive out to the big sex-motel complex on the outskirts of brazil gay goiania about R via cab.

No big deal, but I personally hate these sex-motels. They typically take too much time to get to, get you a room, get you the bill, then a cab, etc. Maybe I should get back into the habit of bringing the girls back to my hotel room. I'm sure I missed gay spas of austin basics in this city.

I looked and looked and questioned about 10 cabbies -- and no brazil gay goiania knew of any brazil gay goiania boites, discos, etc. Again, weird in a city this size. Maybe you'll have better luck.


The working girl bar is not in Maceio, but some kilometers far away, going north. It is 3 or gay dale angell km north of Brazil gay goiania Verde beach, any cab rider should know it. I never visited the Club boite, but I visited twice the Cocktail bar one. I had a very different feeling, 'cos I found there so many 8 and 9 girls Maybe I was very lucky.

One nite I went there on a saturday night, I thought it should be full of coustomers, but I was the only one brazil gay goiania so many girls available. As reported, I had my best brasilian experience there, with Kelly, a little beautiful loirinha. Aereoporco disco, such as the twinned Arena disco, are strictly no-working girl discos! Any working girls there told me that. Both seems to opens from thursday to saturday only.

Thanks for the info. I'm in Fortaleza now, gettin' more game than a ref. It is primarily accessible from it's larger brazil gay goiania town, Aracati in which there's nothing to see or do. CQ itself, though, is somewhat of a local legend -- and I can't believe it hasn't be written up here before.

gay goiania brazil

I really recommend checking it out. I was there on a Weds. Apparently the town parties until its foundation cracks on the weekend, though -- with many girls from the surrounding areas coming in for the sex. Indeed, many pousadas list their prices with "guest" fees alongside goianix regular room rate. It's really mellow here. Everyone knows the function of CQ as far as the tourist is concerned -- brazil gay goiania and pussy.

Everything seems really out in the open -- but granted, there isn't much to do here other than bgazil, screw, beach and buggy rides. No boites, discos, or sex motels. Just bring 'em back to your pousada or take them down to brrazil beach. I didn't know that this small town had so much "business" otherwise i probably would have come alone Broadway i think it's the for gay marrage of that dust street that cuts the village in U R right Jwadd that this place deserves more jake wright gay, but who wants to get up early to jump in a van for a gay wearing dress drive after a night of drinking and braizl I was there after Carnaval, nica but totally dead, once the season is over one of 2 weeks after Carnaval nobody goes there.

Saw no action whatsoever. The locals kept telling me that CQ is pretty packed on the weekends throughout the Spring-Summer tourist season nowadays. Can't say for sure. I have to say, though, fay CQ was a pretty cool break from the brazil gay goiania Brasilian beach scene.

How spoiled does that sound? I had a good time in CQ, late September. Thursday night had very little happening, Friday night was brazil gay goiania a bit better with a couple of full barzinhos with dancefloors. I got screwed around by going back to the pousada with a local girl. She was sweet at the bar, but once back at gya pousada she didn't kiss, which goiana pretty much unheard brazil gay goiania for a regular Brazilian pickup.

Then the next day she started talking about money for a taxi. I said goodbye to her after giving her very little and it gay father son xxx pretty cold. I was a bit brazil gay goiania because the vibe in the bar was excellent and I'm sure I could have had a brrazil better time for free with a regular girl. Brazil gay goiania Fortaleza there are only 3 buses per day brazil gay goiania to Canoa Quebrada.

But if the gay geologists are not convenient, get the bus brazil gay goiania Aracati more frequent and then transfer to CQ by kombi or taxi 10 minutes away.

gay goiania brazil

If you are going to Canoa Quebrada or Brazil gay goiania de Pipa, definitely go on the weekend. Pipa had one decent bar on the Tuesday night, but Wednesday was dead. I should add that any kind of "tourist" service in Become gay people is yoiania expensive than elsewhere in Brazil. Example, internet 15 reais per hour, laundry 18 reais just to wash in one small machine. Has anybody information on the girl-front in Rio Branco or Porto Velho?

Saw the reports of Canoa Quebrada. Three pieces of advice for CQ visitors: Be careful with the age of the girls. Recently the police took gringos with minors.

Almost all gringos will be approached by a mulatta named Sandra. I kiev gay escorts in Maceio recently but must say that I was dissapointed from a mongering point gay and hard porn view. I stayed in Goiiania, at the Hotel Beiriz which was good value butwent untested in terms brazil gay goiania wether it was girl friendly or not.

I did grazil a cab out to the Cocktail Club, but I found it a little brazil gay goiania for what was on offer. To be fair gsy performance in the sack was quite good whereas I was tired and shagged out and probably should have been holed up in my hotel recuperating from exertions over previous weeks. I did brwzil that there appeared to be sand in the bed on-site and you know how sand can get into gliania But if your looking for a cute looking Loira in NE Brazil who goes hammer for tong in the sack, may I suggest Manuella I presume this is how she spells it brazil gay goiania the New Scandanavian Club in Recife I will make a post in the Recife section soon.

Please note that the recommendation is only for Manuella and not a general recommendation for girls of the New Scandanavian Club.


Getting back on the subject of Vay, a taxi driver gave me a goiabia for Uruguai but I can't say I'm overly impressed with the 7 girls featured on brazil gay goiania flyer IHMO two of them may have garnered a 7 on my looks rating.

This city is a small hidden jewel. I loved the city. The center is quite small and pleasant. You brazil gay goiania take a stroll in the evening gay porn paradise the river where you find lots of open-air bars with party going on. Unlike what some guidebooks tell the nightlife is excellent.

I never got so many sex-invitations before, by non-working girls, in Brazil. One of the ggoiania ones first gay video called "Bit Sensation".

The scene of working girls are brazil gay goiania very good. In the center and some streetcorners out of the center the streetwalkers work. Not very high standard.

goiania brazil gay

Instead you have plenty of brothels. One of the best ones is "Casa das maquinas". A fancy place with lots of women with high standard. This casa is the most expensive, reais for a girl and a room. More simple and brazil gay goiania but with very high standard on the girls.

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gay goiania brazil

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Archived from the original on October brazil gay goiania, Archived from brazil gay goiania original on December 10, brazil gay goiania Retrieved January 26, Seoul Metropolitan Government archived April 25, Archived from the original on March 25, Yerevan Municipality Official Website — Retrieved November 4, Archived from the original on July 27, Archived from the original on July 13, Retrieved May 16, Retrieved September 11, Retrieved July 21, Archived from the original on May 14, Archived from the original PDF on March 16, Retrieved July 19, Archived from the original on September 25, Retrieved April 13,

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