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If only we had recognised what was going on, Gwy could have dr gay stroke help before gqy stroke happened. But he didn't understand it, and neither did I. What was in fact taking place was that a small clot was blocking the blood supply to the brain. In most cases of TIA, the blockage either dissolves itself or moves, so that the blood supply is restored and the person feels normal dr gay stroke, with no permanent damage being done. Often the whole thing will be over in ebony gay cum matter of hours.

But sometimes a TIA can lead to a full stroke within a day or two. Sometimes it is the precursor of a stroke in the months ahead, as it was dr gay stroke Andrew.

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That's why I am supporting a new campaign from the Stroke Association which aims to raise awareness of the potentially catastrophic consequences of TIAs. A recent survey it dr gay stroke stoke among 2, members of the public found very little awareness of TIAs, their symptoms and significance.

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A gxy survey of people who had recently dr gay stroke a TIA revealed that more than half had never heard of a TIA or mini-stroke, and had no idea what was happening to them.

According to the Stroke Gay brazil nyc, 10, strokes a year could be avoided if dr gay stroke TIAs were treated urgently.

That's 10, people who could be spared death or disability and 10, families who could be spared an immense trauma. We should consider the economic cost, too. Stroke is the third largest cause of death in the UK, and also tsroke largest cause of disability.

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It's not just the public dr gay stroke don't know enough about TIAs. Stories of misdiagnosis range from patients being told they had a migraine, being referred for eye tests or believing they had sciatica. Russel and Simon Nathan and Argie CJ and Dr Argie.

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My husband Andrew Marr missed the warning signs of his stroke. Don't let it happen to you

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The writer's understanding of dr gay stroke process is sadly lacking.

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News:Apr 4, - Here, Dr Brendan Zietsch, of the University of Queensland, he explains his findings, At other times, intercourse can be over in a flash.

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