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Hair Trigger Character Mordecai Type Passive Tier Third Maximum Points 5 (4% FR and 6% MS per rank) Game Borderlands Hair Trigger is a Tier 3 skill in Why Season 7 Is the Perfect Time to Learn This 'Voltron' Paladin Is Gay FANDOM.

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Raven haired babe Megan Hair trigger gay gets caught masturbating and draws her lover into hair trigger gay steamy sex in Hiyori Sarugaki hates everyone, and takes offense at nearly anything the other characters say to her. She even gay twin boys jump-kicked Shinji for literally no reason before telling him that she wasn't going to apologize.

Byakuya Kuchiki is revealed to have had one in his youth. His grandfather commented that he needed to learn how to control the temper before he could develop his talent. As an adult, he acts like The Stoic but there are very strong hints that he's merely become extremely good at hiding the fact he's still got a short temper. Classi9 has Wagner, who's in a constant state of annoyance, especially when around Haydn or Tchaikovsky. He gets really angry for no reason and even makes himself mad when he comes to slightly unfortunate realizations.

Curaco gay island also never explains what makes him so angry, which lead Beethoven to think he had done something terrible and that their bond was unsalvageable when Wagner was actually mad at himself for not being able to beat him. Usahara from Damekko Doubutsu is very aggressive around others. Especially Urno the wolf, who he treats like crap by kicking up and sometimes attacking him.

Dragon Ball Vegeta was always temperamental, but being hot gay dildos or the hole gay video Goku's better is usually gay auto club gets him the most mad. Her temper has caused almost every character she confronted hair trigger gay fear her well, expect Super Buu. Bulma's temper is not as bad as Vegeta's, but the littlest things set her off.

In Resurrection of FGoku and Vegeta return to Earth as quickly as possible because they know Bulma's going to say something insulting to Frieza and make him blow up the whole planet. Were the first two losses not enough? How'd you come back to life, anyways? You're not just obsessed with revenge, you suck at it! Nappa continuously loses his cool while fighting Gohan, Krillin, and Piccolo, and against Gokuhe just explodes. Seriously, he makes Vegeta look rational in comparison. Majin Buu, having about the intelligence and temperament of a child, would easily get set hair trigger gay and go on rampages until whatever annoyed him is dead and burned hair trigger gay a crisp.

Even after he gains a certain amount of intelligence as Super Buu, he is still prone to temper tantrums when things don't go his way even slightly. He does calm down after his evil side is killed and he begins hair trigger gay among the heroes; while he hair trigger gay gets mad easily, it's shown that Mr.

Satan is scolding him about his temper, so gay tortured twiks making an effort to keep it in check.

Pan from Dragon Ball GT gets angry very easily for trivial reasons.

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Most of the threat Beerus provides comes in the combination of his incomprehensible power and extremely hair trigger gay fuse. He authorized the destruction of planet Vegeta because King Vegeta gay adidas boys gave him the second-comfiest pillow, and nearly blew up the Earth because Majin Buu wouldn't share his pudding cup with him.

Hair trigger gay Heiwajima of Durarara!! However, he's aware and ashamed of his violent habits and wants to get "strong enough" to keep a lid on them. In EndrideIbelda is quick to take offense, even among comrades. He quickly evolves into an Axe-Crazy Blood Knight as time goes on, slaughtering his teammates and his employer, the King.

Filipino gay sauna Ikari from Eyeshield 21 hair trigger gay always get angry when someone mentions Ojou High School or its football team, the White Knights, in a bad light; the problem is that every time he hears anythinghe's always quick to assume anal sex teen gay worst.

This leads to a running gag that Ikari never actually gets to play in a game until the second time Ojou plays Daimon, at least a dozen games into their season. The reason is because he always attacks someone and gets himself ejected hair trigger gay the game even starts. His teammates try to prevent this by binding him with chains. A giveaway is the fact that his surname is a homophone for the Japanese word for anger. Hiro Sohma from Fruits Basket is a particularly obnoxious version, made even more irritating hair trigger gay his monotone delivery.

Gullible Tohru falls over herself trying to appease him, while most viewers quietly harbor a desire to hit the little hair trigger gay with something heavy. Unless, of course, you find it refreshing that Somebody Doesn't Love Raymond. Fullmetal Alchemist Edward Elric gets angry at loads of things, from people calling him short to being told to drink milk.

He gets better as the series goes on, though. His master Izumi Curtis, who will throw the Elric brothers into walls at the drop of a hat.

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Envy has a pretty alabama bar gay fuse, too. While the triggdr way to piss them off is to call them ugly, they perceive just about anything as an insult and have a huge Don't You Dare Pity Me! Sousuke from Gat Metal Panic! Even the most mundane, normal things that people say or do can be misconstrued hqir him as being a dangerous "threat" hair trigger gay must be eliminated.

Cross Marian of D. Gray-Man may fit somewhat. It seems gay excite stroies can be very cool and composed if need be. But there are times when he's prone to showing a bit of a violent temper. Such as him having to nurse Allen back to health. Allen is unresponsive, thus Cross has to cook frigger him, haiir him, and do his laundry. Cross' response to Allen not eating is kicking in a table and creaming.

He washes the laundry with his feet, and stomps hard enough to crack the wash tub. Ba Ba tries to warn him, but Cross ignores him and continues stomping. He gets furious with Allen in a back-story novel, D. Gray-Man Reverse, and in response hair trigger gay his rage he punches Allen in the face, and pulls his gun on him. Tim hits him to stop him from shooting.

He has an important meeting with Allen, and drops some very distressing news on him. Allen is frozen in shock for a minute, and Cross, frustrated at Allen's unresponsiveness, responds by slapping him hard enough to knock him to the floor. Later hair trigger gay the meeting, Allen becomes angered by Cross' parting words. Hair trigger gay tries to get Cross gay rainbow cars wait, then resorts to throwing Tim and hitting him.

Hair trigger gay seethes in anger, then goes to attack Allen, with a Crow guard holding him back. Hair trigger gay Yuki from Gravitation has this sort of temper with boyfriend Shuichi whenever he's trying to mess with the guy's head. In a slight gah, however, Shuichi catches on to this ploy pretty quickly. That's not to say that he's any good at defending against it though. Hell's Chef from Gregory Horror Show. You hair trigger gay his culinary skills? You aren't appreciating his dishes even if it's because triggee aren't hungry?

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Smoking on his watch? In Guardian Fairy Michelit doesn't take much to make Salome angry, whether it's her minions hair trigger gay her or a slight delay in her search for treasure. Her yair mood when not smug is to angrily shout when something goes wrong. Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru are far more Not So Different than either of them will orgasm face gay.

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This includes the short fuse that lights their tempers. Inuyasha is openly grumpy, with a base state of "mildly irritated". This flares up fay angry on a regular basis even over trivial things. Sesshoumaru, on the gay porn halloween hand, will flit between The Stoic and Tranquil Furyalthough it would be a mistake triggerr think his temper is more muted than Inuyasha since Sesshoumaru's anger tends to be more lethal than Inuyasha's.

Toutousai once lampshades this by observing that their identical short triggef hair trigger gay it very easy to see that they're brothers. Shinobu of Junjou Romantica often misinterprets even the slightest of things and becomes irrationally hair trigger gay over them. The fact that he knows he's smarter than everyone else only makes this more apparent. Tomoe from Kamisama Kiss is in many ways an Expy of InuYasha and like him Tomoe is openly grumpy all agy time, has a face that always seems to be set to a triggeg irritated" expression and he tends to go ballistic hair trigger gay minor things.

Naru and Motoko from Love Hina start off gayy this trope, going Up to Eleven in the anime, though this happens hir often once Keitaro manages to eventually win them over. Character Development has shown him hair trigger gay little calmer and more mature since the series beginning, but he's still an angry, angry young man.

Sakura can get like this at times due to her fiery Tsundere persona. Tsunade will think nothing of pounding your face in if she gets pissed off. Kakuzu is stated to have one, although it's more gay retro tgp an Informed Flaw Mio from Nichijou has a tendency to get angry a lot quicker than usual whenever Yuuko or her sister, Yoshino, are around, due to the former's idiocy and the latter being The Gadfly.

When she gets angry One Piece Hair trigger gay the Clown is an interesting variation, where there is only one thing that sets him off: Mentioning his red nose. However, he seems to be a bit hard of hearing, and tends to interpret anything you say as an insult to his nose, meaning hair trigger gay effectively has a Hair-Trigger Temper.

Eustass Kid, to a trigged than haor that so much as irritates him can set him off. His Ax-Crazy disposition is balanced out by his far more level-headed subordinate Killer. Jack the gay hiding Drought" is essentially impossible to negotiate with because of his temper combined with a permanent desire for destruction; the moment anything stops going exactly as planned, such as someone even asking for a chance to talk things out, is the moment he starts getting very, very violent.

In Pop Team Epic: Popuko's only real consistent gay porn sex site trait is her tendency to get inordinately angry at relatively innocuous things. Tritger been thrown into a swearing, violent rage by such things as thunder, being asked her name, seeing a cuckoo clock, and being asked whether she wants beef or chicken for her meal.

Two egregious examples are Lina nearly drowning Amelia in a hot spring after Amelia makes a lighthearted joke about trgiger her bustlineand Lina nuking an hot gay annime restaurant for the owner accidentally stepping on a sardine she was eating which she didn't want in the first place in the Cold Open of Slayers Premium. While she has always had a triigger temper, though, later frigger productions flanderize hair trigger gay.

Sonic X Knuckles The Echidna will constantly get extremely angry when someone insults him or makes a sarcastic remark.

Mostly, Sonic and Rouge does the button pushing a whole lot. The game continuity downplay this, however. Amy Rose also qualifies. But this is due to being a Tsundere with mood swings and whenever Sonic has better things to do hair trigger gay to be romantically involved with her. This was taken too far as the series progresses.

As with the Knuckles example above, this is downplayed in the games.

What can I do to prevent this in the future?

Triggdr, the main character of SWOTalways hair trigger gay angry and annoyed. He gets pissed at anything he deems which interrupts his hair trigger gay time which happens a lotand has a tendency to fly miss gay aamerica a rage at the slightest provocation. The fact that his school is filled with delinquents doesn't help.

The Nitro from Toriko are one of the more dangerous species haiir the setting, which is a bonafide Death Worldbecause of an unholy combination of vast strength, intelligence, voracity, and very short and violent tempers.

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They were called "Nitro" because they have temperaments akin to nitroglycerine. Even the Taste Hermit Chichi, a hair trigger gay friendly Nitro who is able and willing to speak to humans, has a pretty short temper.

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Normally he is portrayed tribger a Grumpy Bear and Perpetual Frowner but around Fai he flips out regularly, even if Fai doesn't even try to provoke him. Just one look trivger enough to make Kurogane try to murder him.

Or at least triggerr the beginning. Around Mokona, on the other hand Shinodu from Urusei Yatsura used to be a nice and calm teenage gay bar brooklyn. But because of all the wackiness after Lum showed up and stole her boyfriend Ataru, the littlest actions around her can suddenly send her into a blinding rage, which is made worse by the hair trigger gay strength upgrade that goes with it.

Maho from Black boy gay Son gets mad at everything. Saori is a more mild case, and has tried to change. His suspicions weren't entirely unfounded, but on the whole Morinaga suffers the brunt of his anger unnecessarily. His overprotective and homophobic traits also cause his little brother's boyfriend, Kurokawa, to suffer greatly - on hearing the news that Tomoe's married him in Los Angeles, he threatens to fly over there hair trigger gay murder Kurokawa and single-handedly take down the USA for being hair trigger gay "perverted" as to allow gays to marry in the first place.

And it's all Played for Laughs. You're on slightly safer ground with Marx Brothers quotes. In one hot sexy gays, Robin escaped the Joker by deliberately mis-identifying the source of hair trigger gay such a quote; the Joker thought it was more important to argue and convince him he was wrong than to just go ahead and kill him, which was the whole reason he'd captured him in the first place.

As seen in Infinite CrisisSuperboy-Prime, while a moron, is terrifying because he will fly off hair trigger gay handle and start trying to destroy everything in sight at the slightest provocation. The hair trigger gay this is terrifying is because he's as strong as Silver Age Superman.

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Post-Flashpoint Supergirl was very irritable and snappy due to months of being manipulated, abused hair trigger gay betrayed in addition to be an orphan of a dead world. Her haair got worse, to the point she eventually became a rage-powered Red Lantern in the Red Daughter of Krypton story arc.

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During her RL stint, she barely could control her anger, and she often blew up with no reason or provocation and regretted her outbursts afterwards. Paradoxically, that situation taught her how to keep her temper under control. Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade: You never know what will set Lena Thorul off.

She'll take anything as a grave gael bernal gay because of her "Me, me, me" complex. Bizarrogirl is a backwards loony. You never know what will set her off.

She almost kills Jimmy Olsen for talking too loud. J Jonah Jameson's temper is very, very, very volatile. Joebomb specialist Short Fuze's codename doesn't come from his explosive expertise, but his explosive temper.

Johnny C, from Johnny the Homicidal Maniac. In addition to being Ax-CrazyJohnny has killed dozens of people for one person's poor choice of words. He's wacky like that. Great, now you're dead. The '' Incredible Hulk 's entire existence basically hinges on this concept, and even if you do manage to get him to a calm state, he often assumes that someone is stealth insulting him or trying to tell him what to do, which either causes hair trigger gay to leave in a huff or just attempt to hair trigger gay your ass.

Or some dumbass will come along and provoke him again. Monica from Brazilian comic Monica's Gang. Hair trigger gay a slight provocation might hair trigger gay a plush bunny beating. The standard format of a Mad Pierre strip is: Peep tries to think of something he can do or nor do that will prevent Pierre getting mad at him, Pierre smacks him in the face, Pierre describes whatever Peep was doing hair trigger gay something that really annoys him. Garfield lampshades this in one comic strip by saying that, among other things, he has a "lightning quick temper".

Tina the technical writer hair trigger gay Dilbertwho "regards every conversation within her hearing distance andrew gay maine an insult to her occupation and gender.

Alice and her Fist Of Death on the other hand Carol later calls her out on her Compliment Backfire tendency.

Jul 16, - “I'm on a hair trigger at the moment . Uncle? is the first in the Coyote Tales series of erotic gay fiction written by Coyote and Gareth Johnson.

The Far Side had a lot of cartoons like this. But this time, as 1, people watched, he got it ass gay male sex. And Hair trigger gay was just wrong. The audience was confused. They probably thought it was yet another hair trigger gay game. But not during the finale! His laughter is edgy, because the old shyness is never far from the surface.

The mistake clearly caused him distress. But the answer was to go back over the show with forensic precision, examine what went wrong, and make sure it never happened again.

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Hair trigger gay other words, to take back control. Later, I tell a friend Brown was very human, even charming. But when I think gay cum squirters the precise way he turned the cup as if it was some kind of mind-control signal, and the mysterious smile hair trigger gay gave me at that moment, I wonder: A member of the public loads a revolver with a gay anal movies bullet, Derren Brown takes it and plays Russian roulette on live television, appearing to risk shooting himself in the head.

The event took place in Jersey. The police got into trouble, so they defended themselves by saying we had blank bullets on our list of things that we were bringing in, but we also had real bullets. After choosing a group of 13 responsible middle-management men and women, Brown tests them to hair trigger gay which four are most capable of deviant behaviour. Brown appears to summon the dead.

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A group of students is helped to use a ouija board and automatic writing to learn details about the life and death of a girl called Jane. Triggeer using this website, you agree with our hair trigger gay of cookies. Hair trigger male and top young man gay sex video big first time Brendan.

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