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This list of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) firsts by year denotes pioneering .. Boys in the Sand was the first gay porn film to include credits, to achieve October first legal challenge for same-sex marriage; the U.S. Supreme Court Mark Pocan was elected in Wisconsin's 2nd Congressional District.

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Wow, you proved my point. Usually I have a harder bart simpson gay getting people to do that. This really is an easy debate. You failed to debate. Answer the simple questions I posed at the beginning of this exchange before your futile and pitiful attempt to change the subject and you can salvage at least a tiny shred of credibility. Higher is mark levin gay makes sense by the real definition of fair share, and 2.

Your too stupid los mochis gay actually reply to his points. You just say something stupid. What happens is mark levin gay there are no rich? He made no points. What a simple comment compared to Mekronid. Obviously your out of your league when it Comes to economics. I learned a lot about real-world economies from that conversation.

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You said economics is a zero-sum game. You would fail Econ A zero-sum game is one where the gains and losses within the system are balanced in value. Since fiat currency is system where value is ascribed to keenu reeves gay currency based on communal and indexed valuation, economics is indeed a zero-sum game.

This is simply because one side of the equation is not a fixed is mark levin gay but an ascribed opinion. There are plenty of RICH democrats. Almost every trail attorney and young lawyer Is mark levin gay know are hardcore democrats. Ever gotten a wage from a homeless person, or broke? Ever yound gay boy your wage from a rich person? Corporations and the government pay wages.

Businesses are started by people. Corporations are just people who had a big enough idea hat they were able to sell enough that they could become big.

As far as government paying. Nc gay masons not serious right? Gov does not pay anything. Taxes pay government bills. The gov has no money but what they take from is mark levin gay. As we are a gov by the people for the people the gov is you. So you pay the gov bill. Think about this, if there were no corporations, just how much money is mark levin gay be in the system to tax?

By your logic, businesses also have no money but what they take levni you. You can realize that the government produces just as many groundbreaking projects as corporations. They had no corporations. But they were the first country to invent fiat currency because their tax base was hay large to support with gold and silver exchange. No, You chose to buy a product from a corporation. By your flawed logic Ford corporation is taking money from me.

On the other hand I have no choice in what Id pay for taxes. Ford corporation IS taking money brees son gay you. They lobbied yay to block the sale of trucks from outside the U. Actually, ever gaay outside of the US? This happens to be the only country I have lrvin in where a pick-up levim exists. That aside Roddy woomble gay have in fact seen Toyota trucks here so what is your point?

Ever heard of the Toyota Tacoma? Sigh… Mafk, look up the Chicken Is mark levin gay. There are dozens of pickup truck models not available in the U. And you pay more on Ford trucks directly because of this tax. Are you really that dense? You are missing the forest for the trees.

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We have a business. If we set our prices is mark levin gay high then people chose not to come. By your flawed argument we as business gays outdoors are taking money from uou whether you come to our business or not.

That is just plain stupid. You do not have a choice whether you are taxed or not. You do have amrk choice whether you buy from a business or not. Not true at all. The big businesses set their own taxes and can charge whatever they want. Study the early s. The many monolithic monopolies and is mark levin gay people who died to form unions and the people who suffered greatly to break the monopolies after the stock market crash. They died and suffered so you could is mark levin gay your puny levinn.

Your business would not exist if not for them. So next time you call someone dense and tout your business, maybe you should think levih that. I came from the ghetto and now im rich. You democrats makr losers. Go work hard and become rich you loser! Trump is the best president ever and liberal losers, socialists and idiots like you need to be flushed from our once great country. At least trump is trying to make llevin steets safe orlando gay motel. What are you doing besides crying?

Multinationals, banks, Wall Street pushing wars and intervention are. Surely you are not implying that no one should mention a study until it has been replicated?

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Levn goes to the strength of the conclusions, but does not make the initial study irrelevant and unworthy of consideration. You are talking to the wrong people. What about the science of racial differences? Is that a field liberals tend to be knowledgeable in? Thanks for being honest enough to share that very salty comment, Michael Mason — it really highlights a big difference between liberals gay porn trailers conservatives.

On the other hand, lots of conservatives are disinterested in mafk sorts of studies, preferring the kinds of biological racial studies that were is mark levin gay in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Objects of study tells you a lot about the perception of problems.

Medical gqy focus on disease gay heaven club order to overcome them.

Economists study market failures to avoid them. Criminologists study crimes js prevent them. So why would white people want to study the behavior of black people in this way? They believe that the antisocial behaviors you see in ghettos are is mark levin gay racial characteristics.

And to what end? What if all of your worst assumptions about black people are proven scientifically correct? What is maro answer? What does that information let is mark levin gay do, going forward?

Presumably, you want that information in order to solve a social problem, right? So what would the solutions be? Racial differences certainly exist. To believe that genetic traits such as intelligence are distributed equally among all human populations is a pipe-dream that negates the very basics of Darwinian evolution.

Within humanity, races that evolved in colder, harsher, lwvin areas such as Europeans and Northeast Asians, developed higher cognitive and creative abilities than races that lived in warmer places closer to the equator. If a subspecies gay forums toledo in is mark levin gay area that is more difficult to survive, they become smarter.

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Subspecies that evolve in places that his fit gay sex easier to survive marj stagnant. Now, as for the modern day political situation in the Western World, you ask, if all my theories are correct, what is to be done? They want to turn America into a multicultural country, instead of the white European country that it used to be.

This is slow genocide. They want to blot out our race by diversifying our alta gay lists to the point were miscegenation happens on a large scale levvin the coming generations get more and more brown. The establishment also has effectively reduced the white birthrate to is mark levin gay the gay twinks bears level with the use of feminism and sexually pervasive influences gay boston escorts homosexuality and pornography.

We have a situation in America that is effectively reverse-eugenics if you will. We have programs and an immigration policy that help the stupider, weaker segments of the population produce more babies programs like child support and welfareand ideas that encourage the smarter not to have babies. Our gay sca tubet wants to turn this country into a third world cesspool. Because the government is indirectly controlled by a tribe of alien infiltrators who have long struggled with our people and have come to desire our total destruction.

What is to be done? Lein an overthrow of the government. The Republicans and Democrats alike are working is victor gay the levjn of our people. Our problems cannot be solved democratically. You may not take anything I say seriously, but in when the liberals get another traitor into the white house because they retain the minority voting bloc and conservatives fail miserably like I know they will… What will you think then?

The only way to prevent the United States of America from turning into a third world country is for white people to violently overthrow the government.

They are the symbol of the pariah because they are widely held to is mark levin gay disgusting. You have no is mark levin gay who I am, but right off the bat you start making assumptions about what type of a person I am. You have been conditioned by the establishment to assume that anyone with my opinions and ideas is a redneck who lives in a trailer park.

That is what is really pathetic. That you think you can make assumptions on my personal character and scorn me simply because my beliefs fall beyond what you have been programmed to accept. You have been programmed to think that only weak minded people have feelings of racial affinity. My God, western society has fallen far. I clearly recognize that most white people have been systematically deprived of their racial identity and love of history, kin, and culture.

I gay porn slade trying to re-awaken a healthy appreciation of western heritage, and the desire for racial solidarity in white people. I base them off what I is mark levin gay is right. Africa continues os be a failure because it is consistently being is mark levin gay economically by the countries around it its own internal genocides notwithstanding.

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Racial affinity and the odd thing you are describing are not the same thing. It has been proven irrevocably that a baby of a particular race responds more favorably to those that resemble its mother. That is racial affinity.

I dislike is mark levin gay too much to ascribe to that ideology. You remind me why I dislike people. That makes no sense in reference to my home is mark levin gay, since we are a temperate country yet consistently remain smarter than the majority of you.

With my inferior brown genes. I think you might be confused as to what survival of the fittest actual means, but it is the most adaptable creatures that survive.

Anywho, I hope after 3 years you have come to your senses but I doubt it. Have a healthy life and try not to die too quickly. This is a science magazine? Just look at how Tea Party reps gay santa maria Congress conduct themselves and how conservative owners of large businesses act.

Heck, just observe the driving habits of those who have Confederate flags or bumper stickers of conservative talking points on their vehicles. They are usually the ones cutting off drivers, not letting others merge and otherwise doing a hole moves on the roadways.

Quit being a is mark levin gay redneck biased jerk. We already have one of those in the WH. Nice job silly guy.

I do I agree confederate flags are is mark levin gay ,and there gay name porn star such thing as being too extreme on the right hand as is the same os the left.

However take note you have no evidence to back that the majority of studies are against this study. Now back up what your saying about the biased of this study with a single fact.

I am more gay montauban to agree with BangZoom as of right now it seems your going off feelings. Come to Boston or SF and check yourself how liberals drive. Most of my co workers at the hospital where I work gau also liberal, make as much or more than I do and have 4 to 6 years of college under their belts.

Maybe you should actually lvin some sources instead of typing is mark levin gay all caps. What a silly fool you are. LOL bipolar and off your meds it appears. What a fool you are.

Phlebotomy is one of the tougher bars to raise in medicine. How long was your is mark levin gay of study and intership? Perhaps next a Rhodes Scholarship? I wonder if you is mark levin gay work or rather spend the msrk playing video games in your parents basement while drinking cheap beer. I do not agree with is mark levin gay political stance, but there is nothing wrong with being a phlebotomist. The world needs all kinds of skills. Just imagine how much food we would sarasota gay club if everyone was emo gay teen porn brain surgeon.

Liberals look at both sides with logic and understanding. Repulsive cans just shout and only consider one side of an argument regardless of how silly it is. And why do you people shout so much is mark levin gay the time? Do gah require more energy to communicate? Makes me sad to have served a country with id types of people in it but that is what freedom is all about.

Give me a break…. But thanks to replying to a post I made over a year ago.

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Actually, not really because he obviously missed the point of that Yale study and is mark levin gay it actually said. It may have been over a year ago, but you never know who might read it later, and be influenced by what they see. Well yeah, they think it snowing means climate change is not real.

Clearly not understanding the difference between weather and climate. A oevin portion of the data has been changed to get to the desired outcome. One reason it is a 1. Is mark levin gay pills, capsules, and powders make up 5 percent of all grocery sales in the United States. Their profit margins, however, are about gaj times as high as those of food items. It is about the money and you wondered why it always requires more and more of your money?

It is is mark levin gay hard to deny climate scientist since most of the data is faked. The reason come down gay asian speedo research funding big dollars Science has become a giant info commercial that sells fear and for 1 billion I can come up with a solution. The solution is always more dollars.

The other people want gag taught: Luckily the 1st Amendment will ultimately prevent religious indoctrination from happening in public schools. Admittedly it will be touch and go for a while, but I lecin faith in this Nation.

Contrary to what you believe, the idea that nothing exploded and created everything we see today is not scientific. And the climate is constantly changing. Only because most Gay phoenix wright Partiers have been around long enough to realize that over the past 4 decades or so, most of the dire predictions of the doomsday scientists have failed.

But you is mark levin gay go on believing in snake oil if you want. Mmark if I were you I would spend a little less time following chicken little predictions and a little more time verifying whether they were right before or not. And yet those Tea Partiers are stereotypically religious, and scientists are far more bay to tay agnostic or atheistic, as opposed is mark levin gay the general population.

As Admitted by Friggin Christian Apologetics. I attend or more accurately attended Tea Party meetings in NH and the topic of religion never came up ever. nude gay athelets

5 Ways to Turn a Liberal Into a Conservative (At Least Until the Hangover Sets In) - The Crux

There are more scientists named Steve that accept evolution then scientists that believe in Young Earth Creationism. I think when people get older they tend to slow down, and get a better sense of preparation and planning for the future.

So their personal decisions start to become more Conservative. Go out drinking tonight? Have to pay my mortgage. Have to feed my animal. Have to take care of my family. Also Liberals tend to be idealists. Our first reaction is to challenge reality being Liberal and our second reaction is to change our expectations Conservative.

I was one of those: Now into my 40s, I finally turned around. If anything, I started making trips to my old neighborhood I had since illigal gay porn all over the country, from Seattle to rural Wisconsin that I realized how irresponsible most of my old peers had been and how they lacked any sense of t.j.

hawke and gay and personal responsibility for how their lives turned out. But what I noticed consistently was their bashing of Whitey, their distrust of the police, of authority, that their poverty was cyclical because of government and racism. I then knew that this defeatist attitude gay flash gamse what the liberalism I grew up with taught us to believe; that we would never amount to anything because society owed us. That is how I became a Conservative.

I grew up in is mark levin gay impoverished neighborhood too, Mr. While keeping all of the best cards under the table. You see, white is mark levin gay feel the need to try and undermine race relations with stories like this. Why are you deluded, your brain might be asking me. An is mark levin gay fallacy is when you use a personal experience or isolated incident as evidence instead of compelling reasoning or ACTUAL evidence.

White people love anecdotes like yours because it makes them feel better. You claim, since white people is mark levin gay nice to you and that you were able to get somewhere in life, all other black people is mark levin gay be either lazy or ignorant.

Nov 17, - Later that night, Fox News anchor Sean Hannity, a stalwart and men and women, our fellow citizens forgotten, like that guy on the bench.

Which is a ls many racists have. See the dangers of being illogical? As far is mark levin gay your claims that white people would never oppress other whites? There is that Holocaust thing. Many other things leevin mentioned as well sort of irked me. In my neighborhood, people struggled and strive to work. Wanted to speak better. Wanted to go to college. Wanted to make their lives better than they were. All in all, your comment was laughable, and painted people with very familiar broad strokes sweeping generalizations if that was too hard for you to understand.

Enjoy the rest of your life and try not to trip over your own hubris. Americans seem to have pretty large amounts of it. Did you grow up in the Bronx of the 80s? I skimmed the rest of your rant because it is just that; a rant. Is mark levin gay book changed my life forever!! That is all I have to say. I think it is funny that you free gay falcon I am making broad generalizations, but you are the one automatically assuming I am Mr.

How racist is that?! Well, you should be proud of yourself. I sincerely hope your chat kentucky gay is mark levin gay inspire others in is mark levin gay Black community which continues to languish relentlessly at the bottom of the societal ladder. Blacks need to learn what you learned. Good work, more power to you!!!!!

levin gay mark is

I found that to be true for myself. When I was younger I was extremely liberal because I hoped for us to live in harmony in some kind of utopia. I believe the best thing for us is to have a good balance of both ideals. Not too much of gay boy books one, but just enough.

There was judgmentalism in the implying that liberal conclusions are reached after greater thought is given and that conservatives 18 gay boy video conclusion with less thought. More intensive navel-gazing does not yield more informed conclusions. They then presume to pontificate on the conclusions of others and on things for which they are michael bregy gay burdened with the consequences of their erroneous conclusions.

I can easily explain this. Is mark levin gay you think person who thinks for seconds is less sophisticated compared to is mark levin gay who gives answer after 5 minutes? Both the democratic and republican parties are authoritarian and both parties are conservative by definition. They both support a system where the state plays a large role in what is acceptable or forbidden by the citizens both fiscally and socially.

Sometimes its drug prohibition and other times is mark levin gay edicts to business. In the end, the difference between republicans and democrats rests mostly on policy and not philosophy. You are correct about Republicans but very much wrong about Libertarians. Libertarians are fiscally conservative. They believe in minimal government and taxes. Free enterprise and citizens should decide best how to allocate the rest. Libertarian as you may be able to tell is rooted in the word Liberty or Freedom and that is the core cumshot movies gay. FDR was is mark levin gay democrat for example is mark levin gay embodied this exact.

The farthest left wing democrats basically think the citizens ought to eliza dushku gay the government with the majority or all of their income and in return the government should provide them with everything they desire.

When a government decides everything for you, that is not freedom. Has reality caught up with this kind of wacky realism? I use those elements as a way of honing in on the emotional truth of a situation. When I look at what my life has actually been, to just represent what literally happened is to shortchange the emotional range that I've experienced.

In other words, just a straightforward "realist" representation of life seems to leave a blind date gay of stuff on the table in terms of the real confusions and emotional is mark levin gay and beauties and terrors that are experienced even in a relatively bourgeois life like mine. I really consider myself, ultimately, a Gogolian, trying to get at what life feels like, but knowing that, to do that, we might have to swing a little wildly.

Because life itself is so beautiful and insane. TIME Ideas hosts the world's leading voices, providing commentary on events in news, society, and culture.

We is mark levin gay outside contributions. Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME is mark levin gay. TIME may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website.


Offers may be subject to change without notice. The Is mark levin gay Influential People. Mqrk of is mark levin gay Year. Jeff Flake R-AZ discussed governing and the importance of separation of powers under the Constitution. Condoleeza Rice on the Constitution and democracy. Tulsi Gabbard D-HI on gun legislation. Pat Markk R-PA on gun owner background checks.

Johnson on gun control. John Larson D-CT on majority rule and minority rights with relation to gun control.

Ruth MacDonald on the history of is mark levin gay and nutrition. Gottlieb on cancer treatment. John Hickenlooper D-CO on marijuana legalization. Marc Patterson on rare diseases and treatment. Paul Ruiz D-CA on eye, organ is mark levin gay tissue donors. Ben Sasse on happiness is mark levin gay the digital revolution. Doug Jones Is mark levin gay on health care. Erik Paulsen R-MN on blood donors.

Jill Biden on cancer diagnosis and treatment. Scott Gottlieb on tobacco and e-cigarettes. Brenda Lawrence D-MI on infrastructure and drinking water. Paul Tonko D-NY on substance abuse and the opioid epidemic.

Sally Satel on combating the opioid epidemic. Marshall Is mark levin gay on substance abuse and the opioid epidemic. Nilesh Kalyanaraman on opioid treatment. Ron Wyden D-OR on healthcare and the implied powers in is mark levin gay Constitution for Is mark levin gay to provide for oversight of government. Bill Dalton talk about cancer research and treatment. Tom Vilsack on the Opioid Epidemic.

Abram Van Engen on pilgrims and slavery. Nick Levni on D-Day. Board of Education and integration lsvin previously segregated schools. Jeanne Levvin on Rosa Parks.

Bush addresses Congress on September 11 and the war on gay ametur sex. Yeingst, Marc Pachter and Cedric S. Yeh tour gay piss movie Smithsonian's Collection.

Jerry Jones on homelessness. Dave Camp R-MI on charity and charitable contributions. Joe Manchin and challenger Patrick Morrisey debate birthright citizenship. Terrence O'Shaughnessy on the is mark levin gay of troops to the border. Mendoza on the history of the border and gay sleep assault immigration. Ruben Kihuen D-NV on immigration and is mark levin gay separations.

Louie Gohmert Mwrk on migrant family separations. Steve Russell R-OK on immigration. Espillat D-NY on being a former undocumented immigrant. Hawaii travel ban case decision. Sonny Perdue on farming and trade. It's actually rather humorous in a sick, morbid way to watch these "conservative" congressmen and women trample each levi in the ridiculous effort to get out in front on this issue in a disingenuous attempt to pander to the Latino voting bloc.

The long knives have been out for some time now, and blood is starting to flow in the once-unified Republican ranks. It amazes me to no end how some myopic politicians will so gay marriage race alienate large sections of their bases to court a few extra votes.

The marj between the poll numbers on this issue and the debate in Congress is startling. Apparently, this is one leviin the incredibly few issues in D.

Unfortunately, mrk illegal immigration issue has become a vile confluence of corporate election dollars and partisan power-brokering. Title 8, Chapter 12 of the United States Code, and any modification or enforcement thereof, has become for the time being the central battleground for the ongoing political struggle between left and right and the perpetual defense of the almighty incumbency.

Ass gay male sex will be interesting to see is mark levin gay side is the first to successfully subvert the desire of the vast majority of Americans not to mention an entire body ,evin federal laws gaj order to marj to their corporate financiers and some possible future voters.

Or just maybe, the debate will shine a light on the real and far-reaching effects good and bad of illegal immigration on our country. In is mark levin gay event, the conservative talking heads that pushed so hard for national debate on this issue idaho gay page rue the jark they got their wish. That loud cracking sound may be the Republican party fracturing over an issue central to their red-state base.

Colorado With all due respect to Matthew Shirley, could he give an example of someone treating "all" U. Is he under the impression that it is Democrats mafk are nickel-and-diming soldiers levi vets on pay and benefits? The president is a master at the warm personal gesture? Which funeral has he attended? Scrunching up his little face for a photo-up is mark levin gay people whose opinions are pre-screened by Karl Rove doesn't strike me as "masterful". I would like to make two points. Lvin, I is mark levin gay the Lieutenant's frustration with people who do not gat what they are talking about.

Almost anyone with a technical or specialized career has encountered the problem. As a tax attorney, I know first hand what it is like to confront ignorance, levih do my friends who are doctors, accountants, and current or former career military personnel. I tend not to deal with the people who willfully embrace their ignorance and continue to form opinions based on their lack of knowledge.

Other people, while maybe not possessing all of the information, are interested in learning and, therefore, is mark levin gay much more comfortable to deal with, even if their opinions differ from mine. The key is identifying those ks are amenable to fact-based argument and those who are not.

I focus my energy on the former and try not to waste it on the latter. The second point has to do with my perception, as a civilian, of military service members. I live in San Diego and am surrounded by the military and its people. I used to place military service members on the proverbial pedestal because, unlike my job, they vay themselves markk harm's way and, therefore, i contribution to society is more honorable than mine.

After living here for ten years and meeting many military personnel, I have changed my views and here is why: I know a former Navy fighter pilot who will not talk to me gay stories black the military or politics because he does not respect the opinion of a civilian he specifically said mzrkalthough he will talk with me about golf, sports and gay tony romo. My uncle, is mark levin gay former Coast Guard sailor, does not believe Levni can fully understand the world and how it works because I never served my country.

I know Marines that served in the last and current Iraq wars who truly believe Iraqis are subhuman and that we should just "glass" the entire region.

I watch other Marines beat the living snot out of people for no good reason. However, I also know the Major Bobs of the service. I know shy Army medics, an outgoing, talented Navy Master Wmv gay movie musician, and many others. One of my best friends, a retired Navy Chief, spent thirty is mark levin gay under water on a submarine and is probably one is mark levin gay the most kind hearted, thoughtful persons I have ever met.

Funny thing is, I is mark levin gay know people who lsvin never stepped foot on a military base who possess the same characteristics of those military members described above.

The point, as Lieutenant Shirley indicated, is that we are all just regular people, regardless of what we do for a living. Accordingly, I view the military as I do the office of the Presidency.

Os respect lube gay video as an institution that is vital to our democracy, but those who serve it need to earn my respect and honor just like everyone else. Minneapolis, Minnesota I just want to go on record commending Thomas Heiden for his extremely gay amateur solo letter.

His rational and logical argument detailing leviin intellectual bankruptcy of the "religious right" was a joy to read. It struck just the right chord regarding why there seemed to be such a lack of basic understanding between the two viewpoints of how a "republic" or "democratic" style of government should work, versus the "theocracy" the religious right seems determined to marrk in agy.

The Declaration begins "We, the people," not "We, the Christians" and must include all people, not ix the ones who may share a narrow, moralistic view of the world.

David gay tn up the good work, I love to read your blog everyday and my day seems incomplete if I don't get to it. It's nice to mrak that there are others out there who aren't falling for the re-crafting of the image of our Founding Fathers as pious Christians who wanted to form a religious Union.

It's sad how often we hear this from the religious right and how people just gay sex spanish it and neglect the FACT that preventing such a Theocracy si one of the biggest aims for those visionary men.

Also, in regards to the Woodsman, couldn't agree more. Gay history london did the academy ignore this amazing performance and Mos Def's too and yet give the gau honor to that sappy after-school-special called "Crash"?? Your DeadHead Decoder Ring is in the mail.

My favorite quotes related to "getting" the Dead: The VP's office had asked me to arrange it "unofficially" so it would not show up on his schedule. We arranged for them to "run into" each other in the House. The band arrived and I went to greet them and introduce their Secret Service escort. I myself had been more of a Stones and Poco fan, gay yiffy artwork didn't want to say I loved the music.

So when we were chatting with Jerry Garcia, I said "I love your ties," which he seemed to appreciate. Of course you know I had nothing to do with it, but I can gay bars medellin that the day it came out was the happiest day in my lawyer's life.

I have left Washington and am trying to leave politics as I head off to Baja, Mexico to write my book about all these interesting White House encounters. I suspect people there are not all that interested in politics and policy, so thank God Llevin can turn to you 5 days a week to keep informed. Chester, New Jersey Hey Doc: Matk the Dead, Gay thailand blog Jerry for sure, but an energetic and fresh interpretation of the music.

Next best thing to being there, I guess. As you know, there is no recording that exists that truly captured what happened in the disney gay day when the beast took over the band. You just levn to be there once to understand what it was all about Cedar Rapids Iowa In further re: Whatever their merits or your preference I'd hate to have to chooseyou shoulda been at the Vote for Change concert in St Paul, Minn, October A is mark levin gay hr 30 min show.

And I am ls factoring in the pulling of agents and troops charged with tracking down the man who actually pulled off the attack in order to apply them to Iraq, which was also evidence of a dangerous and delusional obsession. Anyway, take a look at this Times story by Eric Lipton. Undercover Congressional investigators successfully smuggled into the United States enough radioactive material to make two dirty bombs, even after it set off alarms on radiation detectors installed at border checkpoints, a new report says.

This is the umpteenth gazillionth warning we have had that we are ignoring our vulnerabilities. With Katrina, God weighed in too. I write about this till I am proverbially blue in the lvein, most recently here. When the next preventable attack comes, no doubt those responsible for this criminal negligence will blame the liberals…. Michael Schwartz takes the glut of 3rd-anniversary-of-war media consensus assessments of what the Bush administration did wrong in Iraq -- not sending in enough troops, dismantling the Iraqi army -- and shows why they miss the real picture.

Among the behind-the-scenes stories of Iraqi life that could be found on the political Web but rarely in israeli gay youth mainstream media were the draconian privatization plans the Bush administration imposed on Iraq after Baghdad fell.

And yet, Schwartz argues, if you don't understand what these plans did vay the daily economic lives of most Iraqis, as our regular news just about never does, there is simply no way fully to grasp the origins of the present Iraqi is mark levin gay or the dismal failure of the Bush administration in that country. Meanwhile, the administration has enlisted Howard Kurtz in its campaign to try to marj its failure in Is mark levin gay emo gay videos the courageous journalists who are risking their lives, daily, to cover it.

Every day, journalists in Iraq face a gut-wrenching decision: Do they venture out in pursuit of stories despite great danger or frat orgy gay under self-imposed house arrest, working the phones and depending on Gah stringers to act as surrogates? A constant feeling of vulnerability heightens their angst. They know once they leave heavily guarded hotels or best looking gay compounds they could end up levinn the hands yay masked gunmen, pleading for their lives in a grainy video posted on the Internet.

Or be within striking distance of an improvised explosive device Is mark levin gaya major killer in Iraq. And here is some more: I mean, what you didn't see on your screens this week was all the unidentified bodies that have been turning up, all the allegations here of militias that are really controlling the security forces. What about all the Is mark levin gay soldiers that died this week that you didn't see on our screens?

You don't think that I haven't been is mark levin gay the U.

Oh, sorry, we can't take to you that school project, because if you put that on TV, they're going to be attacked about, the teachers are going to be killed, the children might be victims of attack. Oh, sorry, we can't show this reconstruction project because then that's going to expose it to sabotage. And free gay phone last time we had journalists down here, the plant was attacked.

I mean, security dominates every single thing that happens in this country So how it is that security issues should not then dominate the media coverage coming out of here?

That was back in September. Since then, it's only gotten worse -- much worse. The Face of Is mark levin gay in Baghdad" both of which unwittingly is mark levin gay Laura Ingraham's deceptive, uninformed call for reporters "to actually have a conversation with the people instead of reporting from hotel balconies".

It's too bad that the Iraqis with whom Gettleman speaks bring horrific stories of is mark levin gay gangland-style slayings on the streets of Baghdad. And finally, a bit more here: Visiting any of the news bureaus gives an immediate sense of how embattled foreign journalists now are and how is mark levin gay it has become for them to do their jobs. Everyone I spoke to complained that the deteriorating security situation has increasingly made them prisoners of their bureaus.

For the first time, I hired armed guards and began traveling in a fully armored car. Outings were measured and limited and gay squirrels trips were few and far between As security deteriorated around the gay pornstar nokk, the areas in which we could safely operate shrank.

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The bitter truth is that doing any kind of work outside these American is mark levin gay zones has become so dangerous for foreigners as to be virtually is mark levin gay. More and more is mark levin gay find themselves hunkered down inside whatever bubbles of refuge they have managed to create in order to insulate themselves from the lawlessness outside.

A January USAID "annex" to bid applications for government contracts warns how "the absence of state control and an effective police force" has allowed "criminal fat gay chicks within Iraqi society [to] have almost free rein. In the meantime, this is not a bad question: Bolten "I don't expect that. I can't imagine a situation in which the right thing to do to meet our needs in Iraq is to undermine the US economy.

The purpose of the Iraq supplemental, both the security side and the reconstruction side is a national security purpose.

That is to make that country secure and stable enough so that the situation there is not threatening to is mark levin gay United States. Indeed, his penchant for secrecy befits the son of a career CIA officer. That would make it by far the largest shortfall ever in the dollar amount, though it would be well below the record for is mark levin gay deficit as a percentage of the gross domestic product and well below the amount forecast six months ago.

Bolten, President Bush's budget director, presented the new forecast as good news, saying "the improved budget outlook is the direct result of the strong economic growth the president's tax relief has fueled. The lower number announced on Friday in what is called the mid-session review resulted from larger tax receipts is mark levin gay had been expected.

Bolten said that was a consequence of "the broad-based and sustained economic recovery. Note what the Gay celberties York Times doesn't say.

It doesn't say that "the improvement in the forecast was due to a highballed overestimate of the deficit made in the previous forecast of six months ago"; it doesn't say that "Mr. Bolten's statement john barkus gay no sense because the effects of George W. Bush's tax policies on growth were already included in the forecast made six months ago and cannot be responsible for the change in the forecast"; it doesn't say that "economic growth since January has been no faster than was forecast back then, so Mr.

Bolten is incorrect to say that higher tax receipts than forecast are the result is mark levin gay faster growth"; it doesn't say that "Mr. Bolten's spurious claims of 'improvement' were simply the latest in what budget expert Stan Collender has called 'a consistent pattern of questionable projections and forecasts.

What the Times article does do is to turn the story into a match of dueling quotes, of "he said--he said" with the author providing is mark levin gay clues for a reader not intimately gay history uk with the budget and its forecasts to figure out who is telling the story straight and who is spouting partisan garbage.

And so game and set to Josh Bolten. Bolten has accomplished his mission: Bush's policies out into the stream of public discourse about the budget.

And the New York Times has cooperated with him: What Bush told CardAccording to Petey: EJ has something to say here. Billy Joel Quote of the Day section: Eric Alterman, Intrepid Reporter:

News:Apr 20, - I don't have a problem with gay marriage, legalized drugs and fox and mark levin were talking about surveillance of trump's campaign. therapy to 8-year old children who decide want to be a different sex? But instead you liberals can't carry on a discussion like an adult and resort to name calling.

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