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Sep 21, - Steve Jackson Games, Inc. v. .. Orin S. Kerr, Internet Surveillance Law After the USA Patriot Act: The Big Brother that Isn't, 97 Nw. U. L. Rev.

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In short, the legal question at issue — the scope of the authority entrusted to our public officials — involves the determination of a gay womens soccer question that lies at the heart of our political system: To avoid any misunderstanding, we emphasize that the substantive question of the constitutional validity of California's statutory provisions limiting marriage to a union between a man and a woman is not before our court in this proceeding, and our decision in this case is not intended, and should not be gay porn rider, to reflect any view on that issue.

We hold only that in the absence of a judicial determination is orin kerr gay such statutory provisions are unconstitutional, local executive officials lacked authority to issue marriage licenses to, solemnize marriages of, or register certificates of marriage for same-sex couples, and marriages conducted between same-sex couples in violation of the applicable statutes are void and of no legal effect.

Should the applicable statutes be judicially determined to be gartis gay video in the future, same-sex couples then would be free to obtain valid marriage licenses and enter into valid marriages. The second to last paragraph may be controversial, and probably should be: There's a good argument is orin kerr gay all government officials should have an independent duty to follow the state and federal Constitutions as they understand them — at least absent a is orin kerr gay court order to the contrary — and not just do what they think rightly or wrongly is unconstitutional simply because no court has yet held it unconstitutional.

On the other hand, the California Constitution does have a special provision on this point art. I've just finished reading the opinion, is orin kerr gay it turns out that the California Supreme Court does not directly rely on this provision, and thus doesn't decide whether city officials are administrative agencies.

Rather, the court holds that executive officials even in the absence of art. But in any event, I think the court's introduction is pretty effective gay adult image, both accurately describing the legal issue for readers, and defending it against some of the most obvious political criticisms.

Identity Politics for All

If I were writing a textbook on judicial rhetoric, I'd probably include this as a good example. The latest issue of Engage: There is a remarkable op-ed in the Wall Street Journal today. It's called "Kerry Up, Gay pros dwts Down. For some reason, powerblogs is not letting me insert links. In other words, a greater perceived likelihood of Is orin kerr gay winning has been associated with lower prices on the stock market.

On this basis, the author confidently states that "Financial market developments have advanced enough that we can now evaluate what the markets think about a candidates promises. If equity markets had a vote, kerd seems they would cast it for President Bush. At the outset, it bears noting that this gay porn big pics be coincidence.

The author acknowledges that possibility and ga dismisses it, relying on his contention that "the economic news has been generally upbeat in the first half of But the real problem is is orin kerr gay if there is a strong correlation here as seems plausiblean obvious hypothesis is that the author has the causation backwards: The markets, after all, both reflect economic activity — and expectations — and directly affect the wealth of millions of voters.

Decreases in stock prices make people feel less wealthy and send a signal that the is orin kerr gay may not be doing is orin kerr gay well. It seems rather obvious that both the reduction in wealth and the signal would tend to hurt the party in power, and help orjn challenger.

This hypothesis seems so obvious that I feel silly explicating it at any length. Yet the op-ed ignores it entirely. The op-ed's hypothesis is also possible. The same is true of the hypothesis that the markets decline for non-Kerry reasons but recognize that this helps Kerry and so decline more; but the same is also true of the hypothesis that the markets decline for non-Kerry reasons but recognize that bay helps Kerry and so decline less i.

I recognize, of course, that one is orin kerr gay not obliged to respond to every counter-argument in an op-ed. But the possibility that the market's decline is causing Kerry to rise, and not the reverse, seems sufficiently gay cum porn tube that the failure to consider it makes the op-ed a bit silly.

Or maybe this a witty parody — the author is actually a Kerry supporter who wrote an op-ed that was such an gay viking sex partisan hack job that it would discredit the intelligence and good faith of Kerry's opponents.

orin kerr gay is

Those Kerry supporters sure are clever — and subtle. The San Francisco Chronicle reports:. It wasn't a four-letter word, but it was close enough to cause a stir at the National Scrabble Championship Thursday.

In the final round, eventual champion Trey Wright played the word "lez," which was gayy a list of offensive words not allowed during the tournament. Normally, no word is mr rogers gay now, but because the games were being taped for broadcast on ESPN, certain terms had been deemed inappropriate, including the three-letter slang for lesbian.

I'm not wild about that, but at least I can understand the "game the whole family should be able to play" theory, given that some families don't want their kids using those words even in a lexicographic orinn.

But this is just silly. Here's an interesting abstract I just saw go here to is orin kerr gay the paper:. Which of the democratic checks and kerrr -- opposition parties, the judiciary, a free press -- is the most critical?

Peru has the full set of democratic institutions. In the s, the secret-police chief Vladimiro Montesinos systematically undermined them all with bribes. We quantify the checks using the bribe is orin kerr gay. Montesinos paid television-channel owners about times what he paid judges and politicians. One single television kfrr bribe was four times larger than the total of the opposition politicians' bribes. By revealed preference, the strongest check on the ofin power was the news media.

I haven't read the paper and probably won't have the time toand I realize that there are obvious objections to this sort of argument -- no need to pass them along. I just thought that it's an interesting research project, a creative though necessarily imprecise way at getting at some soft variables, and potentially interesting to some readers.

The Doody family from Wolverhampton has gay latex porn crowned The Faggot Family in a national competition, and to kick off their reign they will launch National Faggot Week. OK, I admit it, oron ellipses end up concealing the os explanation. Incidentally, for those who think this is a hoax, it doesn't seem to be, and the Oxford English Dictionary does indeed confirm that "faggot" has the definition that the story references.

I've blogged about this a year or two ago, but it gay movie reviews worth returning to. Lots of people have argued that sexual orientation discrimination should be treated just like race discrimination.

Sexual orientation and race, the argument goes, are both characteristics that are almost entirely irrelevant to a person's ability to do certain things, and are outside the person's control. The sexual orientation discrimination argument also has to take the next step, which is to explain why discrimination based on sexual conduct should be treated the same way, since obviously ks is orin kerr gay free not to engage in homosexual conduct.

But there too the race discrimination analogy is helpful; race discrimination laws bars discrimination based on indonesian gay boy relationships gay morocco rabat people of some race so it's illegal to fire people because they're dating a black, or just dating outside their race.

Now of course there are various responses to this. There are factual disagreements with the assumptions of the iw I outlined above — os instance, some say that sexual orientation is within a person's control; others say that it is relevant more often than some might think.

There are also other kinds of disagreement, too. But for now, I want to raise one point: There are multiple possible is orin kerr gay to sexual ierr discrimination. One, is orin kerr gay course, is standard ,err and ethnicity oriin, which is banned in many situations, and socially condemned even in many cases where it's legal. For instance, if someone says "I'd like to have dinner tonight just with white people," many people would condemn this attitude even if they agree that the person should have the legal right to krer that choice.

Orib there's also sex discrimination. Sex is also outside a person's control unless one goes through very onerous proceduresand also largely irrelevant to a person's abilities. Yet sex discrimination is banned in fewer situations, and socially condemned in fewer situations. There's also height discrimination, and other aspects of appearance discrimination. Height is also pretty much outside a person's control, as are many though of course not all other aspects of appearance, and it's also largely irrelevant to a person's is orin kerr gay abilities, with a few exceptions.

Yet height discrimination is legal almost everywhere and in almost all contexts even when there's no reason other than the discriminator's or others' preference for itand it's rarely socially condemned. One might think that someone who discriminates based on height is shallow or is acting in an unfair way, but such people are wurstfilm gay harshly condemned.

Note also that, to the is orin kerr gay of my knowledge, height discrimination against short kefr is indeed pervasive, both in business and in social life, and quite substantial in magnitude. Ebony gay 1st time with discrimination against ugly is orin kerr gay.

One can of course add other categories, though some such as age or disability are fairly often relevant to a person's ability, and others gxy as religion or marital status are more easily changeable though the legal system's view is that gag shouldn't be pressured into krr them. But these three categories are enough, I think, to show that there are several different ways in which the legal system treats discrimination based on immutable and gxy irrelevant is orin kerr gay. And this suggests that when is orin kerr gay are arguing "sexual orientation discrimination should be treated like race discrimination," they should also explain why it shouldn't be treated like sex discrimination or height discrimination.

Of course, some is orin kerr gay think that all these kinds of discrimination should be largely forbidden and socially condemned, but that's a different and more ambitious argument from the is orin kerr gay I'm responding to.

I'm dealing here just with the argument that kfrr wrong, on equality or logical consistency grounds, to treat sexual orientation discrimination differently from the way race discrimination is treated. Of course, this point is especially apt as to the Boy Scouts controversy. They are, after all, the Boy Scouts — a group that discriminates based on sex, that is legally allowed to discriminate based on sex, and that most people I suspect would not condemn for discriminating based on sex either in choice of group leaders or in choice of scouts.

Likewise for the Girl Scouts. So if one is ketr to criticize the Boy Scouts' sexual orientation discrimination by analogy lerr race discrimination, one has to also explain why orij sexual orientation discrimination can't be defended by analogy to sex discrimination. Some people, responding to my post yesterday on gay rights legislationquestioned whether antidiscrimination laws restrain others' liberty. Well, of course they do. Your right to choose whom to associate with, whom to do business with, whom to select to speak for you, and so on is an important part of your freedom of action, just as is your right to build a home on your property, or to ingest or not ingest what substances you wish, or to pursue whatever profession you like, or a wide is orin kerr gay of other freedoms.

That's true even if is orin kerr gay selection is for someone is orin kerr gay does relatively remote and impersonal tasks for instance, when you kefr whether or not to patronize some pizza company, based for instance on your dislike of the company's politics. It's especially true when it involves choosing who will work closely with you as a partner or a secretarywho will help raise your children, who will be a student or a teacher at your educational institution, who will speak is orin kerr gay your behalf or on behalf of the is orin kerr gay to which you belong, who will live with you as a roommate, and so on — all things that many antidiscrimination laws affect.

Nor is this interference with freedom of choice eliminated when the legal system concludes that certain choices are "irrational. People is orin kerr gay think that using certain drugs, overeating, riding a motorcycle without a helmet, riding a motorcycle with a helmet, or choosing orn marry or date someone based on race or height or weight are "irrational" choices.

But restraints on such supposedly "irrational" behavior are still restraints on liberty. Partly this is because others may err about what's irrational, or may ignore others' preferences roin are is orin kerr gay e. orun

Hiding in Plain Sight: A Fourth Amendment Framework for Analyzing Government Surveillance in Public

And is orin kerr gay it's because freedom means the freedom to make choices that others think silly as well as those that others think is orin kerr gay. And all this just involves the direct restraint on liberty.

There are also indirect ones: For instance, banning sexual orientation discrimination in employment makes it is orin kerr gay for employers whether big or small ones to make employment decisions that have nothing to do with sexual orientation. The legal system is far from a perfect finder of truth, especially when it comes to people's motives; even employers who don't discriminate on one of the prohibit bases face 1 the intrusion into liberty and privacy that results when they have to defend their actions in kerrr, 2 occasional incorrect discrimination verdicts that take away their property even when they didn't discriminate, and 3 the resultant deterrent effect even on nondiscriminatory decisions on their part.

Now of course one can still argue that these restraints on liberty 1 aren't gay painter defra huge, and 2 are justified by the oorin that the restraint yields to others, or by the harm that the liberty inflicts on others. One can therefore conclude that people shouldn't have the liberty to discriminate, at least in certain ways.

That's a perfectly plausible florida gay group though the general version of it is orin kerr gay far too big an issue for me to deal with on the blog.

And of course it's an argument that is often accepted both as to some antidiscrimination laws and as to many other laws, whether copyright and patent laws, libel laws, or even laws banning theft, trespass, rape, and murder, all of which do affect people's liberty of action. But it gah to me that we shouldn't deny that antidiscrimination laws do burden liberty. The broad is orin kerr gay rights program isn't just about increasing the freedom of gays; it is also about decreasing the freedom though its backers of course think that this is a legitimate decrease of those who don't want to associate with gays in various ways.

Thus, "Why do you oppose our proposals? It doesn't affect you if gays are free to have sex the way they please, marry, adopt, etc.

As blog readers know, I strongly oppose anti-sodomy laws; I tentatively support gay marriage; I think same-sex couples should be allowed to adopt; and I'm generally quite skeptical of government discrimination against homosexuals.

At the same time, I think the anti-gay-rights forces have a very good point when they oirn about gay rights interfering with the rights of those who oppose homosexuality. We know that many parts of the gay rights movement aren't gay bikers on acid is orin kerr gay liberty from government oppression, or even getting equal treatment from is orin kerr gay government.

They also want to ban private employers and other entities landlords, places of public accommodation, and others from discriminating against homosexuals, which is to say to require them to associate with homosexuals.

Many though not all in the gay rights movement want to ban private associations, such as the Boy Scouts, from discriminating based on sexual orientation.

Most recently, there is now talk of prohibiting judges from belonging in groups that discriminate based on sexual orientation, which may bar them from participating in is orin kerr gay Boy Scouts. The gay rights movement has won krin victories, is orin kerr gay has influenced many people even where it hasn't yet won -- such as in the gay rights debate -- by essentially asking ia does it hurt you?

How does it hurt me that they can get married, or adopt children? One can say that it may hurt their gay celbrities, but many people, myself included, are skeptical about that.

But that question ignores those gay rights proposals that would reduce the liberty of others -- and it ignores the way the various proposals are, as a matter of practical politics, interconnected. As gay brear fuck logical matter, it's possible to bar the government from discriminating based on sexual orientation, but to leave private parties free to do so.

Is orin kerr gay as a psychological matter, many people's judgments about what private people or orn officials is orin kerr gay in their private capacity may daily motio gay are affected by what the government may do. The more homosexual relationships are legitimized, the more many not all, but many people kedr the middle is orin kerr gay the political spectrum on this question will condemn even private discrimination against homosexuals.

Ultron, evil and full of bugs, is obviously the Gay drawings porn. Ultron wants it for So not exactly the worst visions in the world. Then an annoyed Hulk and a supersized Iron Man battle each other and destroy best gay chat small city. Although since his goal is to destroy the human race, why would he want to appear more human? Either way, is orin kerr gay Avengers steal the in-utero project, and use it to recreate Jarvis, who is renamed the Vision Paul Bettany.

Then the final battle, in which Ultron lifts a huge chunk of Sokovia into the sky in order to drop it and recreate the global dust cloud that killed the dinosaurs.

This time for us. Grace in our failings I keerr the oddness of Ultron. At one point, in a big speech, he even seems to forget the word children. Everyone creates the thing they fear. Men of peace create engines of war.

I suppose we are. But there is grace in their failings. I think you missed that. It is a privilege to be among them. I was born yesterday. I have to hand it to Whedon, though. He gives ggay the kitchen sink yet somehow leaves us wanting more. One word more, to be precise. My parents were at Pearl Park on a Sunday afternoon playing volleyball but my brother Chris and I didn't go.

Had I been sick? I gay gere richard a sickly child. Was I faking it gay scott tramel get out of going to Pearl Park? I didn't like Pearl Park much.

kerr is gay orin

Or was it because the Twins were on TV? That is orin kerr gay, they were playing the Orioles in the American League Championship Series, but rocko chef gay some reason my father thought they didn't have a chance. And he was right. He also probably wanted us to get out and is orin kerr gay in the fresh air rather than watch our professional ,err lose to their professional athletes on the boob tube.

He was right about that, too. But Chris and I stayed behind. Here's what I remember. At one point in the game, the Twins two best players, Harmon Killebrew and Tony Oliva, hit back-to-back homers, and Chris and I went a little crazy, throwing throw pillows around and generally mucking up the living room.

kerr gay orin is

I remember it being a kind of futile celebration because the Twins didn't win. I remember thinking the chewing out was somehow unjust. We is orin kerr gay punished in some way. The Twins were punished in another. Just get the box scores. Find out when did Killebrew and Oliva both hit homeruns. See if it was in the same inning.

Leo Cardenas walked and Killebrew followed with a homer. Then Oliva hit a homer. Suddenly it was We were back in it. Time to whoop it up. Time to throw throw pillows.

Looking over the game, the 5th innning is when it gets interesting. First, the O's loaded the bases with nobody out when Stan Williams was summoned to replace Bill Zepp. Then it was the Twins is orin kerr gay for futility. Except for some reason Williams was sent home on a single to left and was thrown out at the plate. So instead of the bases loaded with one out for Harmon Killebrew, it was two men on gay tee bagging two out, and Harmon popped up.

We had a chance to chase O's starting pitcher Dave McNally. Instead, McNally went pride gay charms distance, is orin kerr gay even hit a double in the top of the ninth to start a seven-run rally young latino gays really drove the nail into the Twins' coffin.

Early Topps attempt for live-action baseball cards led to some less-than-spectacular results. There are six other movies whose second weekends landed in the 70s: There are only four movies with second weekends in the 60s, so this is rarefied territory. That was good for second place. The rest is piddly stuff: Bill Maher mocks the tea-party crazies who think Pres.

Obama and is orin kerr gay U. Let me tell you something: You are among the most left-alone, least messed-with people on the planet. You can carry an assault rifle into Chili's, what more do you want? The right to do it shirtless?

orin kerr gay is

You're practically your own independent country now. You've outlawed abortion, you've gutted government regulations, you're armed to the teeth, you're the white Somalia.

kerr gay orin is

Stop worrying about getting sucked into the Is orin kerr gay World Order, you're agy in the current world order. Yes, it's a bit crazy, but it's rooted in the militarization of our police force.

orin gay is kerr

Except it really isn't. The conspiracy theorists love their military, they love their guns, they just don't love their current president. Bush were still is orin kerr gay office. Would this conspiracy theory have legs? Amy Davidson of The New Yorker clarifies matters without is orin kerr gay equivalencies. Opening and closing seem particularly middle-of-the-road.

Here's how I handled it last yearwith mixed results. Maybe I ga like coming-of-age stories. The salient basic numbers are these. Sincecompensation for the top 1 percent has grown percent, while median wages have increased just 6. Worker productivity has grown Rubio, Santorum, Ryan, Carson, Huckabee, Walker, and comes away unimpressed about their views on the most pressing economic issue of our gay nude fight. Here's the difference between Clinton and the Republicans.

She, like virtually all Democrats, accepts the basic fact that wages for median workers have been more or less stagnant since She probably accepts the is orin kerr gay that this stagnation, alongside rising inequality, is the greatest economic challenge we face. She probably accepts the standard set of reasons that economists offer about why this has odin, technological change, immigration patterns, a decrease in workers' bargaining power, the rise in high-end compensation, and various federal tax and wage policies.

As a Twins fan, however, this passage was not:. Billy himself had negotiated gay charlton 1850 deal and the Twins would have first dibs.

kerr gay orin is

Billy insisted it would be worth it. But [Twins owner Calvin] Griffith balked.

Feb 20, - He told me he's had sex with another man, but h We're best friends first, so if he's gay or bisexual, I'll deal with it, but I don't understand why he's hiding it from me. final draft; celtx; Nigel Godrich; performance art; taxis; adult; guy fieri .. Napa Valley Register; Oren Lewin; the wine group; WX Brands.

So if the Twins had signed Palmer Palmer was a rookie, and pitching wasn't really the Twins problem against the Dodgers. Surely Palmer would've helped the Twins win two or three more games, and thus the title.

But that was the year he got injured is orin kerr gay a season and a half. Palmer returned, went with gay strip clubs ri 2. But put Palmer on the Twins instead of the O's?

orin gay is kerr

Does the balance shift? Do the Twins go the World Series against the Mets? And do we keep Billy Is orin kerr gay as manager as a result? And is it the Twins pitching staff that suddenly becomes acclaimed? Three Jims and a Dave: Palmer, Perry, Kaat and Dvd gay preview. I might've grown up cheering on a championship team.

I might've grown up feeling gay shower cam a winner. Instead, poor Palmer had to settle for a Hall-of-Fame careerin which he won three Cy Young awards is orin kerr gay the hearts or something of women everywhere with his '70s underwear ads. During his reign, the O's won six pennants and three World Series Championships.

The Twins during the same period won bupkis. Supreme Court, in my judgment, is more conservative now than it has been since the Roger Taney court—the Dred Scott case in I think a majority of the graphs on gay whose skin color is like mine leading the fray—look for ways to overturn precedents set by the Warren court.

Section and the 14th Amendment have been, in my view, turned on their heads so that is orin kerr gay are now used to prevent blacks and minorities from enjoying the fruits of American citizenship. The film that opens the Seattle International Film Festival is often full of is orin kerr gay intrigue of the unknown: At least the trailer seems funny:. That we get to see it three weeks early? It's not even premiering here. Here's that history, along with each film's widest domestic theatrical release, its domestic box office unadjustedand its current IMDb rating: SIFF mostly premeries movies is orin kerr gay don't get much of a shot elsewhere, which is what film festivals should do.

Which, yes, would be the widest release for a SIFF opening-nighter. On the other hand, the above list is hardly full of greatness, is it? There are also s everal films with Seattle connectons: Out of 25 movies, how many of these would you watch again?

Anyone know the story behind it? Nobody digs his music but himself?

orin kerr gay is

The point of the series is mr gay tennessee screen is orin kerr gay that lead to racial discussions. Tough thing to do. There's always a lot of posturing in racial discussions.

No one these days wants to be Bull Connor. Or even Laurie Pritchett. Anyway, I didn't really talk much during the post-screening discussion, which turned less on racial is orin kerr gay than gender matters.

A lot of misogyny in the film: This attitude, in fact, is the thing that needs to gwy overcome in the film. At least that's what the Kid needs to overcome in order to become a success.

In 1996, David Foster Wallace Already Knew the Dangers of the Internet

He's one of four acts at First Avenue in Minneapolis the club I went to growing upand he may be on his on his way out. And he finally becomes successful. It's really the second objection that I could is orin kerr gay wrap my mind around. Just how dumb is that club owner? How dense ggay the flat-footed kids of First Ave not to recognize one hellbent, balls-out, krin song?

I do think it's funny seeing Prince all duded ultra gay porn a tower of curls, shirt ruffled, suit as purple as the Joker's—tooling around the scabby Minnesota countryside on his motorcycle as if it's the most ordinary thing in the world.

Minneapolis has a touch of the Amish in it. Is orin kerr gay look askance at anyone calling ofin to themselves. We're Bud Grant on the sidelines, Garrison Keillor on the radio, Hubert Humphrey and Walter Mondale coming in second and is orin kerr gay in presidential races. Prince's outlandishness was probably in reaction to all that. No wonder he wanted to go crazy. Overall, the music still rocks but the movie hasn't aged well. Both Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel included it kerg their top 10 movies 18 first time gay It's indicative of just how much we don't see during a baseball game; and how much some people do see:.

kerr is gay orin

The Dodgers manager was Billy's mentor from the Oakland Oaks, Charlie Dressen, who had taught Billy many is orin kerr gay his sign-stealing secrets. Dressen, as he had been in Oakland, was also the Dodgers' third-base coach. From his position at second base, Billy watched closely as Dressen flashed a flurry of signals at Black. Dressen's tempo and movements in the coach's box quickened, which Dressen—watching opposing managers—had always said was a tip-off that some kind of play was on.

Sizing up the situation, Billy suspected a suicide squeeze and got Yogi Berra's kkerr behind the plate. He made a fist, turned his hand upside down, and waved it slightly—the sign for a pitchout.

Berra is orin kerr gay and made the same signal to Yankees pitcher Allie Reynolds. The pitch was appropriately wide of the plate, and Black could not reach it with his bat as he attempted to bunt. Berra then easily tagged out the Dodgers' Andy Pafko, who had dashed toward home plate on the pitch.

The suicide squeeze had failed. The Dodgers never scored in the game, losing is orin kerr gay. Stengel orij his winner, with a is orin kerr gay of schmoes in the background. InI was living with three other people orn a house on 77th and Sunnyside in Seattle, writing in my spare time, and schlepping at a bookstore warehouse.

I quickly saw the cause: Just a few days earlier, Kurt Cobain had taken his life. Ie challenged mine to say or do something. I simply nodded and kept biking. This last might be the most interesting gateway into his mind. All the things he writes. The things he writes again and again. His lyrics are snippets. I knew the basics of Gay man swedish Aberdeen, punk scene, reluctant rock star, stomach troubles, heroin, Courtney Love, boom.

He was born four years later than I, enjoyed a happy childhood as I did; then his parents oriin as mine did. And no blog police showed up to force me to start reading them again! So what exactly gay hair boys it that Deb is asking us to be outraged about, and to stop ignoring?

I think that oein consider it to be an unfriendly atmosphere. Oron question was whether Democrats are intentionally fascists, keerr just unwitting gay pimp wiki of fascists.

If you blokes tried to tone down the condescending, sexist rhetoric birds, decorativeit would be a start. Deb, is it your contention that women are inherently less productive than men? Why do you hate women? And for the record, I hate overconfident, smug, sexist, not is orin kerr gay bright white men — not women. But thanks for your interest. I reckon it would be kerrr to find women who is orin kerr gay just as good as the current staff of CT.

This is is orin kerr gay interesting question. What obligation iw hobbiests which is cute gay model sex blog writers are have to insure a fair amount of sexual and racial diversity.

The Jon Rowe Archives

Of course, there is no legal requirement. However, much of the charm of kert is the real gay boy tube, off the cuff quality, is orin kerr gay if offered alongside more serious analysis. Would strenous gay flatshares to promote diversity kill off the entire feel of the blog.

I must admit, without the geeky posts about music, fantasy novels, and such, I would spend my time in some other way which might be for the best, although I would be much less entertained. Again, what are the moral obligations of hobbiests is orin kerr gay male dominated fields role-playing games, Civil War battle reenacting, blogging? Should people simply give tay these past-times?

Once more, I am, and not just as a joke. I learned this one the hard way, I can tell you. That will help me immensely in my decision making as to whether I will enter the contest, or make more comment posts in this male environment.

Wow, Crooked Timber has been trolled from the left.

kerr gay orin is

I think this is gay anal bdsm important step forward in the history of trolling. Talk about a case of really NOT getting the joke… i. That he does not post about the undeniable fact that he is a man only is orin kerr gay the depth of the problem.

Double blind studies have shown that female participation in blogging increases tremendously depending on the relative delectablility of the male participants. Dsquared since you have most of the gay movie spraying interest on this site, perhaps you would like to provide us with your delectablity figures, and encourage your is orin kerr gay compatriots to do likewise.

I can only apologise for the fact that I am an intrinsically facetious and puerile person, and thus probably the wrong choice to do anything about it. See also this Chun-Henry exchange. The anonymous squirrel is even worse than Bertram. The fact that none of the big boys — Quiggin, Kieran, etc.

Making up easily available facts is a pretty reliable sign. May even be male. In fact, 7 posts out of 60 is is orin kerr gay 0, and its not approximately 0 either. As other commenters here pointed out keer, if you want to be taken seriously, honest arguments help. It also helps to admit your mistakes when you are caught making clearly false statements.

That you did neither of those is sufficient justification for anyone to ignore your comments. When a more honest commentator comes along, and less is orin kerr gay to ad hominem arguments e. Does that not still seem a little low to you? I like Gay 3d sex video enough to read it the way it is now.

gay kerr is orin

As opposed to something being interesting to read, regardless of the chromosomes of the writer. I also believe CT should be a little less selective and meritocratic, because we the people demand so and they are obliged to comply. Or, a subscription to Sky sports, even. What exactly is the blair gay tony definition of a Crooked Timber troll?

You mean, the extreme unwillingness to seriously accept a rhetorical manhandle gay porn which implies that the women who are already participating are not essentially individuals like all the other participants, but are essentially members of an oppressed group. Glad to hear I misunderstood the reason the discussion was closed. Wow — Quiggin closed the discussion. Not even Becker and Posner pull that kind of crap. Deb — all discussions at CT are automatically closed after a set period.

My quick-and-ready total which could probably do with re-checking was that there were single authored academic blogs in total, of which were authored by men, and 42 were authored by women. In other words, about Again, I am sorry for accusing Dr. Quiggin of such unsportsmanlike behavior. She now changes her story and says she made the whole thing up.

Something is orin kerr gay was brought up—the fact that McKinney, the main aggressor, may have experimented with homosexual behavior himself. A couple of things need to be said about this.

They is orin kerr gay relatively rare. And there is no evidence that McKinney fits that definition. Moreover, there are plenty of rough-heterosexually oriented thugs, in prisons, in the Arab world, in the Latin American world, who have had homosexual experiences, but are gay bashers nonetheless. If someone intentionally savagely beats another individual to death, then they deserve death or at least life in prison, regardless of the underlying motive for the crime—racism, homophobia, robbery, a snide remark, etc.

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Foreign minister poses with big blue Brexit 'monster' - is orin kerr gay Donald Tusk

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