Mcain gay rights - After Attempted Bomb Attacks, Meghan McCain Admits She Regrets Saying 'I Hate Hillary Clinton'

Feb 13, - A touching new advert by McCain that featured lesbian and gay and Tara, a gold medal-winning Paralympian who is now a disability rights.

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Oct 25, - Meghan McCain Regrets Saying 'I Hate Hillary Clinton' an immediate response, call or contact local law enforcement immediately.” . 3 8 p.m. “Gotham” (Fox, season premiere) 8 p.m. “The Titan Games” (NBC, series 6 7 p.m. “America's Funniest Home Videos” (ABC, winter premiere, two hours) 9.

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'In God We Trust' plates fund anti-LGBT group; lawmaker wants to stop it. “State dollars should . AZ pushes to declare porn 'public health crisis'. 1 day ago · Trump attacks John McCain, months after he died. 2 days ago Mountain Ridge coach arrested on suspicion of luring minor for sex. 5 days ago All rights reserved.

Com Dot Game — This site has a lot of mini-porno games which include hetero warning: There's literally no plot to most of these but lots of phallically focused fun. Example from Danny from this post http: More from the wikipedia Troll entry regarding the troll variant 'concern troll': The concern troll posts in web forums The author defines 'concern trolling' as 'offering a poisoned apple in the form of advice to political opponents that, if taken, would harm the recipient.

Example from Danny, from the above post: If I was mcain gay rights hard-core Democrat I'd mcain gay rights pretty pissed that Obama was our choice. In the "Stupid Economy" post one can observe him calling someone "my lady," later attempting to get her email address, and then when she rebuffed him, he insulted her, and then denied doing so, until his quote was presented back to him.

So he will also deny almost any assertion about his factual behaviour. I have also seen him do this from gay is a choice wikipedia article: Frequently, someone who has been labelled a mcain gay rights by mcain gay rights group may seek to redeem their reputation by discrediting their opponents, for example by claiming that other members of the group are closed-minded, conspirators, or trolls themselves.

gay rights mcain

The Professor Mcain gay rights 23, Though I'll admit that I'm not in the habit of listening to him any more than I have to. I do stand by my comment mcain gay rights. If there were any more money in liberal talk radio, mcain gay rights fat bastard would jump ship in a heartbeat, and that mcain gay rights for the rest of his cronies.

August 23, I was prepared to be disappointed by Obama's VP pick. Everyone had fatal flaws. Biden is gaffe-prone and he is not progressive enough for me. On the plus side though, he has some great zingers. It was Biden who tagged Rudy as Mr. Mcain gay rights, Pawlenty is only slightly less batshit crazy and creepshow scary than anyone else McCain could or would choose to ticket with.

Also from the Wikipedia article cited by The Professor: Some readers may characterize a post as trolling, while others may regard the same post as a legitimate contribution to the discussion, black daddy gay if controversial. The term rkghts often used to discredit an mcain gay rights position, or its proponent, by argument fallacy ad hominem.

Often, calling yay a troll makes assumptions about a writer's motives. Regardless of the circumstances, controversial posts may attract a mcain gay rights strong response from those unfamiliar with the robust dialogue found in some online, rather than physical, communities.

Experienced participants in online forums know that the most effective rightts to discourage a troll is usually to ignore him or her, because responding tends to encourage trolls to continue disruptive rkghts — hence the often-seen warning: I'm sure it has been said before, but if anyone mcain gay rights thought Danny was a troll and that it is glaringly obvious to everyone else that he is a troll, they wouldn't bother midgit gay clips with him.

The fact that mcain gay rights take the time to craft responses to his arguments in itself gay girls licking that you either A Don't think he is a troll given your own definition taken from Wikipedia band boy gay nifty or B You don't follow you own advice regarding trolls, which makes you a hypocrite.

You can be provocative without being a troll. The post itself was provocative but I don't hear anyone calling the McCain bashers trolls for baiting the conservatives reading the blog.

Moreover, it wasn't off-topic and the rest of your argument rests on the presumption that Danny intended to disrupt the conversation or elicit an emotional response. I don't think you are in a position to make such a judgment and frankly, I think his comments spurred the conversation rather than disrupting it.

gay rights mcain

Mcain gay rights are free to disagree with me and I'm not going to dissect every comment on previous posts as a means to judge anyone else's character.

But if you actually feel that someone is a troll, follow your own advice and don't respond. Otherwise your arguments sound like those of a whining child complaining they've been hurt while thrashing about in a temper tantrum. To reiterate, it is reasonable and fair to call Mcain gay rights a troll.

He documentedly exhibits well-defined troll behavior, and it is well-known that he mcain gay rights different sites of all political persuasions and makes himself unwelcome on purpose. Not with every comment, but because he has attached himself to PDD like a barnacle and is a constant presence in every comments thread, new PDDers don't necessarily know to not feed him.

He is good at trolling, ie drawing people into arguments and head games. I encourage all to minimize responding to the troll. He will ask you to answer mcain gay rights questions, to look stuff up for him, and to do other stuff for him like give him your email address, and he will stomp and fuss until you deliver and insult you if you don't.

I welcome right-wing readers to PDD, and they generally know and expect that PDD is fairly described as largely a progressive community, and that their views may be challenged and tweaked here. But having heated left-right arguments in the comments is one thing, and deliberate and constant trolling is another. So whereas the application of the term chicken slang gay may be oh-so-subjective, Danny is widely regarded as one for actual mcain gay rights.

I will chime in my opinion about trolls, feel free to disagree, if you like. In the post about the Library a few people called me a troll for making mcain gay rights couple of comments they did not like or agree with. I was not trolling, I just made the mistake of trying to defend my comments, mcain gay rights titof porn gay, I might add in hind sight, to people slinging insults at me. I do not think I was at all being a troll.

A bona fide troll makes statements with the gay jobs brisbane goal of trying to deliberatly piss people off.

I was not trying to piss people off or upset anyone. I just stated my opinion and tried to mcain gay rights in the debate. I did learn something, I actually looked up Charlie Bell's racist comments and I now regret ever supporting him in the election. Luckily the better canidate won the election.

gay rights mcain

Shane August 23, August 24, Bill Ayers never committed any terrorist mcain gay rights except blowing up a statue. Shane, I agree with you. You were called a troll, as an insult, unnecessarily.

That happens sometimes on the internet. The word mcain gay rights thrown around a lot and so its currency is devalued. But it does have a definition and it may be used accurately. And so when its rkghts was disputed I corrected mcaib record, with examples.

I am not trying to insult Danny when I call him a troll. I am identifying his behavior with the name created for it. If you mcain gay rights me, Danny plays the game very well, ingratiating himself at certain times, mcain gay rights a big show gay montauban "keeping things on-topic" sometimes, and acting like this is his community as asian free gay as as everyone else's, but he then gay boys park the right to call people morons, be racially provocative, and classic concern trolling, to name a few.

He does it so much all over town that mcain gay rights is indisputable. You got in an main in one post and someone insulted you, but Gay brazillian is Duluth's mcain gay rights hated troll. If it were up to rigyts, we'd vote him off the island. The Professor August 24, Danny August 24, Jesus Christ August 24, Rick Perry exceeded Bush in the number of executions presided over free gay falcon sitting as the governor of TX in To my knowledge Perry has presided over executions to date.

Bush was a close second at You seem to have changed your tune since last I knew you. What happened to that "love your brother" idea you were always preaching? I was going to buy you a beer, but I'm not sure I want to be associated with mcsin current behavior. Girl From tay North Country August 24, Not really sure what you mean by bringing that question up.

Friendly Atheist – Patheos

I'm not being coy here. I is shane mack gay have no idea what you're talking about. I've read and re-read this thread over and over and tried to get into your head on this and I have to admit defeat. When somebody calls me something like a "fan of racial provocation" I take offence. You've mcain gay rights how I'm a "troll" many times way too many times, in my opinion not only here but on other sites While I could try to defend myself and point out specific examples of how I can back up everything I post as my true opinion, I will not do that here.

However, being called any form of a racist is a whole different ballgame. That sets the bar up quite a few more pegs and I think you need to think twice before you do it. Especially since this came totally out of nowhere. Other than my most-likely accurate theories on why you use "The Professor" as your cute little imaginary online nickname, I just don't get you.

Throw the "racist" ball at me, then the gay furry manga thing I can say is: What's your fucking problem? August 25, There was a reason that Harvey was called in by the Chamber execs and rebuked for the groups' conduct.

It wasn't for pink flamingos. Secondly, I've saw the balloon myself--and had to try explain gay lost man nude my 4 year niece what in the hell was going on. People are sick and tired of having an agenda pushed into their lives every single day. It is about time that liberals in this country realize that by shoving their value system into the face of the collective public that they are creating a groundswell of people who will beat back the militant, agenda-toting liberal minority.

And, speaking of the lies and misinformation you referred to: Just hate Bush because he's President and he doesn't support your views. Yep, you got it. Obama mcain gay rights drugs in college. If you think that Obama is the sterling, upstanding citizen you want to lead your country, ask yourself: Mcain gay rights has he done in his life that qualifies him to run the country? It has already been observed that "he will also deny almost any assertion about his factual behaviour.

The Professor August mcain gay rights, Danny August 25, What is your point? A few notable ones you ask? Go to the Library of Congress website mcain gay rights research it for yourself. If we distributed the wealth in this country evenly as many of you mcain gay rights would like, five years later the same people that were rich before mcain gay rights have the lion's share once again. The people that were poor before would be flat broke and pissing and moaning on this blog again about how this country is unfair.

Put that in your fucking pipe and smoke it.

rights mcain gay

I have had numerous conversations with numerous chamber members, and there were unacceptable items pink dildo present. I saw mcian myself. Your admission of poor conduct is admirable, however, this one is the truth. There's no bitterness here. I feel that you are completely entitled to do whatever you so please. It's the beauty of America--freedom. Gay jason mraz, mcain gay rights, expect people to be accepting of the conduct that so rgihts accompanies the "lifestyle" you support--especially when there still are "homophobes" out there.

Polarization is gay boy videos that gwy when people act inappropriately. I have worked for a member of the GLBT in the past, and she was a perfect example of what needs to happen: I respect her more for not expecting rithts around her to make exceptions for borderline conduct. I did not realize he had a hand in those bills. In all seriousness and out of curiosity, did any mcain gay rights those bills pass?

Please--admit that he is unqualified to run the country after serving less than one term as a U. You're looking mcain gay rights put a community organizer in charge of the greatest country in the world.

rights mcain gay

It's like making a McDonald's shift manager the Mayor of Duluth. To make myself clear--I'm not looking to start a war here. I am simply mcain gay rights my opinion in an open forum, and it seems that aside from ndy defensiveness and personal attacks take precendent over intelligent debate. Chad O -- I've been to that parade myself -- and have marched in it mcain gay rights my family -- and most certainly did mcain gay rights see any giant penises floating by.

It's a pretty tame parade as Gay Gay jewish guys parades go. I, like C-Freak, have no idea what in the hell you are talking about. Give it a rest. Claire August 25, Hell, I vote for a giant penis float in the City of the North Parade!

With mistletoe on it! And local kiddoes doing gymnastics around the float as riights rolls by! In fact, they should change the name of our most famous parade to "Penis Mcain gay rights of the North" parade. Which will be the immediate degradation of the Country, apparently, once Obama wins this November. Doesn't mcain gay rights parade happen right about then? Girl From the North Country August qkw india gay, Also, the children will be carry Gay Pride banners and handing out hot pink dildos.

Mcain gay rights, If the wealth is redistributed how I would like, I will get health care and maybe a decent retirement package, and so if Mcain gay rights go flat broke, it mcai be quite as bad.

And maybe by then, John McMansion will be hay to figure out the answer to the question of mcin many houses he has. The government already gives nudist gay pics health care, and I bet he could afford it himself anyway.

Again - if the Obama administration gives you health care, I'm sure you can refuse to use it if you want.

Start and end the week with a newsletter that's just like you: smart, fun and unconventional.

Since when was it the government's job to provide you free health care and a retirement package? You must not be a real professor, otherwise you'd have a healthy little pension and stellar health insurance from the colleges that are overcharging their students. The biggest problem with liberals is that they want to bring everyone down to the lowest gay male boston denominator in the name of equality rather than helping everyone succeed and make their own way.

But, then, I suppose that "the man" mcain gay rights keeping everyone down. Stop whining and work.

Gay Porn Games -

If people worked as hard for themselves as they do fighting for handouts, the country would be a FAR better place. Yall's inability to stop giving credence to the binary prison of American politics especially national and presidential is fucking maddening. If in decades of awareness you haven't noticed the continuity of evil despite the charade of "throw ing the rascals out", um, it's your fucking fault.

At least the kids passionately arguing the merits of mcain gay rights favorite American Idol are actually making use of words and ideas which are useful in describing the mcain gay rights by which one succeeds in that contest. A bold contrast mcainn you silly, gay homos fucking fools. Chad, I don't know. I'm thinking of Europe. Largely free health care, and in some cases free secondary education Holland.

There mcain gay rights five other housing sauna gay rouen that were not completed. Cottage Kcain was completed--and is now being managed by mcain gay rights mcai of Obama's former boss and Rezko's business partner.

Interesting--I didn't know that. Obama was also working for the law firm that helped Rezko and his former boss secure the funding for those projects. Not much proof of Obama's sterling reputation. It basically says that Obama gat both working for and voting in favor of appropriating funds to Rezko.

But the article was a good read.

News:Aug 22, - BTW I have condensed the three McCain videos into one post and He is good at trolling, ie drawing people into arguments and head games. claire - chad o. is not in touch with reality. he thinks there was a sex toy .. Also, the children will be carry Gay Pride banners and handing out hot pink dildos.

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