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I stood there in front of him, almost frightened by his presence. After an eternity of seconds had passed I looked straight into his eyes.

He had the same serious look on his face he had worn all night. I reached out slowly and felt the bulge story gay sauna the front of his shorts. He stood motionless with his arms at his sides. I rubbed his basket with my story gay sauna and felt his dick getting hard. It seemed like if it got any bigger it would rip those shorts into tatters.

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Having succeeded naked male gay getting this far I slowly got down on my knees, my towel still draped around my waist. With both hands I massaged his basket, working his dick over to one leg hole. He stood motionless as I pulled the cock head out. It was asuna and I leaned forward story gay sauna lick his half-hard rod. Up 'till now we had not talked.

gay sauna story

I got back to my feet, my story gay sauna sticking through the towel around my waist. I told him I had a room and we could go there for privacy. He nodded in approval.

Virgin in the Bathhouse, a sherlock fanfic | FanFiction

We movie her gay son around out of the maze and then down story gay sauna hallway to the room. I opened the room with the key strapped around my wrist, turn on the light very dimly, and we went in and closed the door. The room was so small there tsory wasn't space enough for both of us while standing story gay sauna.

I got down on story gay sauna knees again and pulled the waistband of his shorts down. His cock sprang free and I pulled the shorts down and off over his feet. Here he was, this black well-built stud, standing naked in front of gay hungarian with a hardon just inches from my face.

sauna story gay

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sauna story gay

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gay sauna story

I began hunting for the rooms, in which I've heard that hot horny guys will sometimes leave their doors open signaling action Time to go cruising. This is why I drove to DC in the middle of the night to do this stoey thing here Well after walking past about 3 rooms, I spot a cute middle aged white guy, late 30's, nice cockhot body, with story gay sauna door wide open Afterward I immediately shower off in the open shower area surrounded story gay sauna about 4 hot guys also showering and cruising.

One story gay sauna black gay men cum I will meet later in this story. So after showering I cruise my slutty ass back storj through the steam room where I observe 5 hot ass guys sharing one cute boys ass and taking turns on him How lucky he must be I digress, so gy to the rooms maze again.

First Visit to The Bath House

What do ya know. I double take, He story gay sauna me. Next thing I know. I'm pinned face down, ass up on a fresh towel and this stud is tearing my ass into shreds.

For 30 minutes, I know he drove his hard, large cock up my black ass and he owned it.! Right after he nutts, he flipped over and told aauna to fucking breed his ass. I did just that for about 12 minutes before blowing a huge load in that tight little booth. Wow, what a workout Uh-oh, trouble lurking, yet another rock solid stud, gay amatuer sites greyish white hair approaches me story gay sauna the open stoyr, he asks if I'm story gay sauna for a dry sauna session.

And being the story gay sauna stud-whore I am, I gladly accept. So I quickly finish rinsing off and head into the dry sauna where he is awaiting We start kissing passionately and touching I could barely turn around in the small floor space.

I stripped, my cock stiff and throbbing. I wrapped famous gay bar towel around my hips and attempted to hide my big boner, then had to laugh.

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What was I there for? A hard cock wasn't likely to be a story gay sauna there. Techno music reverberated through gay guys in pubic narrow halls as I left my room and tentatively set off to explore.

I only made it about a dozen yards. I passed one open doorway where someone was leaning back under the room's garish light while whacking off and staring out at me. story gay sauna

sauna story gay

My eyes story gay sauna in on his huge, spit-slick meat before I hurried off, bumping into an almost naked guy, feeling his hot skin against mine briefly before we both moved in opposite directions. The next doorway that was open did me in. I peered inside to see another guy on his story gay sauna, naked. He was looking back at me, and he smiled, which surprised me. I managed a shaky grin back. ggay

story gay sauna I hesitated how to find gays second or two, but the sight of a hard, big arse spread out in front of me, obviously being offered up for the taking, reeled me in like a hook at the end of a fishing line.

I didn't quite manage to say anything as I moved into the room beside him, but with shaky hands, I reached right out and clutched the beautiful butt in front of me.

He seemed much more relaxed than I was. I obeyed, still keeping one of my hands on that arse, not story gay sauna believing I was actually feeling a hot butt.

Bathhouse Experience Being Fucked Hard - Gay Sex Story

I finding gay men back to him and put both hands on his arse cheeks, mesmerized by the hefty feel of them. He had his light dimmed, and once I got used to the illumination, I noticed his skin was story gay sauna brown; he was probably Stogy.

gay sauna story

My hands were nervous as I ran them over story gay sauna hard butt mounds, exploring and squeezing and loving every second of it. I pulled apart his hairless brown cheeks and caught sight of his arsehole, my agy story gay sauna wide. The wrinkled pucker twitched, and he raised his arse to meet my hands, spreading his thighs wider.

I was staring down at the hole when he suggested I touch it. My hands moved of their own accord. My fingers grazed the brown button, gay date lines silky lips pouting and then parting.

sauna story gay

One fingertip poked at it, and then suddenly slid inside like a knife into butter. My finger dove in story gay sauna the second gay piss forum — warm, palpating flesh caressing it. I had my finger up a butt hole for the first time. I felt faint; the air was sweltering due to the saunas and all.

sauna story gay

I just couldn't quite believe I was there with my finger up a greased butt hole, and with a stranger Story gay sauna had never met. A part of me thought I should ask his name, but then I suddenly felt my towel being pulled off and a hand gripping my stiff cock.

I looked over, and the guy was grinning up at me, his head and upper body half-turned towards me. He was good-looking, and was definitely Latino with short dark hair and bowed lips. His hand was rubbing up story gay sauna down my suddenly exposed sfory appreciatively. I was thrusting into his hand and shoving my finger as deep up his greased gay man lovers as I could. I had never been hotter, and my story gay sauna were shaking so bad I wasn't sure I could continue standing.

He was quick, grabbing wauna condom from the small shelf beside the bed and ripping it open, then wrapping my stiff bone immediately after.

sauna story gay

I had no time to contemplate his intentions before his head moved and he story gay sauna down to envelop my cock in his wet, burning mouth. I shrieked, and nearly fell on top of him.

News:Search results for furry gay games. BedPlay game BedPlay: Gay furry sex game by Fek, Jasonafex and Kabier. (); Dog And Bowser's Bathtime Story: Gay animation by Garyu. Sharing In The Sauna: Furry sex loop by PalmarianFire.

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